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Well…looks like I did it again…

I have to be in two places at one time on Thursday. So what you do is this. You go to Sisters of Faith…read the devotion…listen to the song on the video clip…it’s a GOOD one! and then….hop over to Laced with Grace and read a little story I had written sometime last year.

I remember clearly the night I sat after praying for a bit, the Lord just seemed to pour this little story into my heart. And out onto the keyboard my fingers seemed to fly. At the time of the story, we were praying for 3 prodigals to turn toward Jesus…since that time, one has given her heart and life to Christ. Although the battles of life are fought daily, she has a grip on His garment.

The other two…we are praying still. Never give up! God hears and answers. He has a way of reaching those two boys…and He will!

Ya’ll don’t forget the GREAT giveaway over at Laced with Grace!!! It is awesome!!!
Oh my stars….can this count as a Thankful Thursday??? Girls…I am so thankful I don’t know what to do! You all go over to Grace Alone where Iris is…and say hi for me….and don’t tell her I am stretched so thin my clothes are baggin’….cause…this girl hasn’t seen thin in YEARS!!! The only thing thinning is my hair!!!!
Laurel…I am so thankful…you know what I just did? (Almost?…don’t make me laugh!)
Now, I must finish typing….so Jeeeeffffff!…..You wanna hold the baby???

Day Thirty-eight

Scripture Text: Luke 8:42b-48

Angie’s post yesterday was powerful! I loved it! I must comment. Surely, at one point in our lives, if you’re human you’ve felt desperation.

I was thinking….it’s amazing to me the different cries of a baby. Some cries may be just a complaint sound, or “I’m bored, I’m sleepy, or a fussy kind-a-cry”, but as a mom, when you hear the desperate cry, you know the difference! I believe Jesus hears the difference in our cries, and when we have the desperate cry – that’s when His strong arm lifts us up.

Beth mentioned in today’s devotion, something that spoke volumes to me. She wrote about how the woman with the “issue of blood” might have felt about her own need. Maybe she didn’t feel it was as important as others needs, but her need was “more than enough” to move the Master! Wow- that is an awesome thought. On His way to raise the dead, He stopped for this woman’s need. In the midst of our economic crisis, in the midst of foreign conflicts, in the midst of our presidential race; He hears the prayer of a mother on her knees praying for her lost child- the prayer of a man that morns the loss of his wife – the prayer of a grandmother praying for her sick grandchildren- the prayer of a couple and their financial need- and your prayer where ever you may be. He loves when we bring our needs to Him and announce, “Lord, we have done all we can, and now we lay the pieces at your feet.” His word says in Isaiah 59:1: “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.”

Recently, I heard someone speaking about the “woman with the issue of blood,” and they were talking about how she was considered unclean because of her condition. She was not wanting to defile Jesus, so maybe she thought, “If I could just touch the hem of His garment….” maybe just a thread. He knew. He felt the touch. He said in vs. 48 “…thy faith hath made thee whole….” She went home that day fixed! Cured! Healed! She reached out in faith to touch Him, and she received healing, comfort, and peace.

Let me close with this prayer: Father, you are always mindful of the things that concern us and want us to bring our cares to you. Thank you for being there through every storm. May your healing virtue flow to those that need a healing and salvation to those lost. Reach out to every sweet sister reading these posts and minister peace to them. Thank you for showing me in your word that you always take time for us. May we always take time for you. In Christ Jesus’ name I pray—Amen.