90 Days with Jesus Bible Study

Day Fifty-Eight

Luke 12:1-34

Good morning sisters. I hope after you read the scriptures for today you felt the same hug I did from the Lord. He loves us so much He said in vs. 7, “…ye are of more value than many sparrows.” This reminds me of a cute little story I read some time ago in a book entitled: “Messies 2” by Sandra Felton. In the introduction, Sandra shared the story of a South Sea islander named Johnny Lingo that fell in love and went to the parent’s home to bargain for his bride. It was written that she was “a very shy girl and just a shade short of homely. The going price a groom had to pay for a bride was between two and five cows. The women often compared the prices

they had brought.” Well, it ended up in the story he offered and paid eight cows for her. They went off on their honeymoon and when they came back a man came to deliver a package to their hut. Johnny had purchased an ornate mirror for his new bride and it was delivered to her. When the delivery guy saw Johnny’s bride, she didn’t look like the same “homely” girl he had always known. She was a “radiant beauty, basking in the confidence of her husband’s love and esteem.”

When she went in the hut, the man asked Johnny how she had changed so much, and Johnny answered, “I have loved her since she was young,” he said. “I have always wanted to marry her, but I knew she felt unworthy to be my bride. I bought her for eight cows so that she would know and all the village would know how valuable she is to me. That knowledge brought the change you see.”

That story reminds me of what God paid for us… His only Son. We are valuable to Him. Some people just don’t see how much we are worth to Him–more than eight cows my sisters! I love vs. 27. He tells us he clothes the lilies. He wants us to seek Him first. Vs. 31 says: But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. (When we seek Him first, all those other things will be taking care of.)

So many times we worry, and it does not change a thing. I once told my mother, when she was reminding me to turn a situation over to God I was worrying about, “Let me worry about it a little and then I’ll turn it over to Him.” We both laughed. But I admit, that’s what I do, if only I would go ahead and give it to Him from the beginning, I would save myself a lot of stress. I guess, I try to think I could fix it or figure out a way the Lord should fix it and save Him some time. (Ha!) My Father knows best. He is right 100% of the time! Friend, let us continue to seek Him, and remember vs. 34: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Thank you Lord for reminding me today of your love. Help me not be a greedy person that wants to hoard up treasures down here. Help me lay treasures in Heaven…lasting ones. If there is a sister that is feeling worthless or has listened to the lies of satan, remind her of the price you paid for her. We are your bride, help us reflect the attitude of your name. Since we carry the name Christian, may everything we do, honor you and serve you. Father, sometimes I get busy with the cares of this life and I forget to seek you first. Forgive my slackness and help me look for you in everything I do- first of all, I humbly pray. In Jesus name– Amen.

All you “eight cow” women come back tomorrow for more of “90 Days with Jesus.” Angie will be sharing Day 59.

Keeping the Faith,


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