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I have been TAGGED!

Someone else did this to me about a week ago….and with my age….the grandsons…shoot, I am running out of reasons…anyway, I just plain forgot.

But my good friend, TechnoNana tagged me today to tell ya’ll some weird and unknowns stuff about me. I told her that when I did….well, all the sweet readers would just find someone else to read!

Here goes….

How many? Was it 7?

1) ~~~I have a skunk streak of gray hair that I try my hardest to keep colored.

2) ~~~I never wear makeup on Saturdays. Not even to go to Wal-Mart.

3) ~~~I would rather wear either cowboy boots (the low heeled kind) or flip flops. High heels are pretty…and who doesn’t like to look sexy…but I’d rather be comfortable…and if I need to look intimidating to the grandsons…I think cowboy boots work well.

4)~~~Opposite of TechnoNana–I sort of enjoy ironing—especially if I am listening to good music! I started out young. I think I was almost 5 and mother trained me on handkerchiefs and pillowcases. Speaking of which, I iron my pillowcases when I have time so that they feel good and crisp. Starch. Love the feel of starch on my pillowcases and sheets too! Weird is what you asked for.

5)~~~I don’t like cleaning the bathroom…but it is my job and I hate a dirty tub…so…yes, dear sweet Lori…I scrub the tub—often. Actually, it needs it RIGHT NOW!

6)~~~I love sitting in the swing outside at night with Jeff. That’s good talk time. Early morning is nice too…but except for Saturdays and Sundays, we just don’t cross paths that early. That’s his devotion place and time and I don’t want to interrupt.

7)~~~I love hot tea. I love almost done cookies. I love cooking but can only do it justice—on the weekends. By the time I get home from work (hour drive both ways)—I am ready for my bath and my bed! Speaking of which, I am about to head that way. I LOVE to go to bed early and read…but it’s not early now…and we just came from Lowe’s and my sweet darlin’ of a man bought me some fire cracklin’ sound logs for our fire pit…so we can enjoy the swing outside! Now, that is a romantic gesture!

My wish list:

1)~~~I wish I could travel to each town of my sweet friends in blogworld and visit each and every one and share a cup of something good!

2)~~~I wish it would snow. Enough that we could have a snow day and I didn’t have to go to work.

3)~~~I wish I could stay home and sew, cook, craft, visit, blog, write, read, hmmmm I just ran out of stuff there.

4)~~~I wish we had a week of paid vacation for every 6 weeks of work. That way, I think we could better prevent burn-out at work! (I think my co-workers would agree…except the guys)

5)~~~I wish I had more time to spend with my little boys. One on one. Not all at the same time. That wears a poor soul OUT! Completely!!

6)~~~I wish I could meet Beth Moore. I really admire her teachings and the digging into the Word that she does. I would like to ask her lots of questions.

7)~~~I wish I had you sitting right here with me. We could talk all night! Well, not all night. I have to work tomorrow.

Okay…that’s all I could think of tonight….Was that good enough???

Day Fifty-One

Luke 9:51-56

The Blasted Unbelievers…Have you ever thought that? Okay now…be honest. I’m about to be gut wrenching honest with you…

In reading up to this point…I am reminded of the incredible love the Father has for His children. Over and over. A picture came instantly to my mind when I read these passages. A day when I was very angry—and not without cause. Cause or not though, it was sin. In it’s ugliest form. And I had to repent—and remember that Christ instructed us to LOVE them. Pray for them. (Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:28)

The Lord had me know with no uncertain terms what allowing that feeling to remain—not dealing with those harmful thoughts—what it would do to my heart, soul and very life. What it was already doing. Bitter root was growing. Festering and contaminating other parts of my life.

I was even like James and John….“Lord, call down fire!” That was wrong!
I imediately knew it–and repented of my attitude–and I had to pray for days for the Lord to help me PRAY for them in the right way.

What I see in James and John was something like this: “They can’t refuse You and get away with it! Surely they all need to be destroyed!”…Little did they realize the thousands that would then and still now refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the true and only Messiah.

Something that I read in the Scripture references today really penetrated my heart, causing tears to burn my eyes.

I pulled forward the New Living Translation and read it from there…”As the time drew near for his return to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.” (emphasis mine)

He knew what lay ahead. Yet for all the world He proceeded on the journey He knew must be made. For those He loved that day, and for the world that lives today. He could not let anything, nor anyone deter His footsteps. The path had long ago been laid out.

It is for us as well. Laid out and marked clear. We have been told–even in the scriptures today, there will be trials. There will be days of discouragement. Times when we will even ask, “How much longer Lord?” But, travel on we must. For the time is not yet. Soon though.

Father God, I am so thankful that You continually speak to our hearts about the wrong that tries to penetrate and stay. Thank You for sweeping my mind clean of the unhealthy thoughts. Thank You for showing us how to love those who set their mind against what is right. Hard as it is at times, surely You have shown us the way. Thank You Lord for giving us strength and direction . I pray that You will guide us and keep us—forever following the right way. Your way. In Jesus holy name I pray~Amen.

Keeping the Faith,