Awesome Retreat!

Whew! We are back home! I loved the fellowship…I loved my time with the wonderful “sisters”…but I love love love my man and am so very glad to get back home to him!

God moved in amazing ways all weekend. He orchestrated the most incredible time of Bible Study, fellowship, singing, reading, sharing, laughter, tears and much prayer!

I hope that next year will be even bigger! You wanna join in the fun and fellowship? We would make room!

I was able to meet Julie of Jewelz Sightings! INCREDIBLE! I felt like I had known her for years! What a sweetheart! We had breakfast together and the Lord was just so sweet to give us that time together! She even helped “direct” us to some fun shopping when I got us turned around….imagine that! Susan from Count it All Joy was also able to be a part—along with several “other—sisters”. Officially adopted into our family of love!

We expect the Lord to grow this annual event! No telling what He will do next year! Let me know if you’d like to participate!

Don’t forget…I am still over at the “sister” site….for the Bible Study—“Sisters of Faith”…pop over with your cup of coffee! We’d love to have you!

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11 responses to “Awesome Retreat!

  • Julie

    Angie, It was SO much fun meeting you and your precious friends! I was so blessed by the words of encouragement you gave me. As you see on my blog I wrote after we left…ABOUT writing… Thanks for hugging my neck and encouraging me.I look forward to the next one! Glad you all made it back safely. I found Susan’s blog and left her a comment. Does Aimee have one other than the “Sisters of Faith”… Hugs,Julie

  • Marsha

    I’m so thrilled you had such a blessed time in the mountains! I’m just sad I missed seeing you. But, our retreat was also very awesome! Our Father was totally there in our midst. You’re way ahead of me, though. You already have your post up!BTW, I got my shirt on Thursday or Friday. I don’t remember which. Fits great! Thank you bunches and bunches!Love you, girlfwend!

  • Technonana

    Hey Angie!!! I would love to go next time!! Please let me know!!1So glad you all had such a great time in the Lord!!!

  • Linda

    Angie – it was all we prayed it would be! I am so glad. There is nothing like a time of refreshing and refilling – and fun!

  • Denise

    Sounds so awesome, love you.

  • Tracy

    Hi Angie,It’s been a long time! I’m trying to catch up and visit some blogs I haven’t seen for some time. Loved the photos. SO HAPPY for you that this past weekend was such an awesome retreat! I must say I’m a little jealous (Godly jealousy of course) because you got to meet Julie and Susan! How fun it would be to meet all three of you! (Plus your sister, of course!) Anywho, hope to be able to stop by more frequently. Blessings,Tracy = )

  • Joanne

    What a blessing! I know that Wanda was dancing for joy this weekend right along with you.Someday my friend I will be there too. I am praying that some day is sooner than later!Love, Joannep.s. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today. I will have my husband Paul draw up the papers for my adoption. Make sure to let your mom know! xoxoxo

  • Denise

    I want to come next year! Tell me where and when……. I will pray and ask the Lord to make a way for me to be there! We are connected by the heart! Love ya!

  • lori

    Yeah….I’m jealous that Julie got to meet you first!:) Those pics are precious….you and your sister so TOTALLY look alike! MY WORD! So girl….it sounds like a blast….great weather we served you too!:) I’m glad it was a safe one…and I’ll tell you…next time…fingers crossed, I’ll make a guest appearance!love you!!lori

  • Tiffany Stuart

    Oh, I am trying so hard not to covet!!How I long to meet so many of the bloggers I’ve been in contact with. And love your heart and ministry, Angie. You go, girl. Live this faith out BIG!! Like your heart…Hugs,Tiffany

  • Chris

    ooohhh the pictures of you and Aimee and your jewelry!!! How wonderful!!!Boy, you can see that you two are definitely sisters. How lovely you both are~~how radiant your smiles~

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