90 Days with Jesus Bible Study

Day Fifty-Four

Read Luke 10:25-37
Jesus always knows the answer. He won the debate! The lawyer thought he could prove how knowledgeable he was himself, but Jesus blew him out of the water! He wrote the Book! (I love that!) However, Jesus kept the right attitude- he was not showing off- just showing love.

This is one of my favorite parables in vs. 30-35. The Good Samaritan was an example of God’s love for humanity. So many times, it may seem easy just to turn the other way just like the priest and Levite did, because we feel we don’t have time or we don’t want to get involved. But Jesus wants us to be the neighbor that reaches out and helps.

When my husband and I were youth pastors, we once did a play called “The Good Samaritan.” It was so powerful in depicting these characters in Jesus’ parable. The young-people put their heart into it and the part was so moving when the “good Samaritan” helped the beaten man. The play had a little twist in it, because the “Good Samaritan” died and there was a funeral for him and later it showed him standing before Christ at the throne and he entered into the “joys of the Lord,” and then a trumpet sounded and Priest and Levite stood before the Lord and they didn’t make it in and they were crying and naming every good deed they had done, but Christ said “depart from me I never knew you.” The young people did a marvelous job and I’ll always think of this when I read this story.
Recently, I heard a song on the radio called “Broken Ones” by the Talley’s and I tried to load it on this blog, but I couldn’t. But it talks about a little girl finding a rag doll and loving it. Then the little girl grows up and helps people that is struggling in life, and then it talks about how Jesus loves the broken ones, too. It has a very good message. May we all find some way to love the “broken ones”.
May God bless all you sisters with a great weekend!
Dear Lord, Help us be the kind of neighbor you would have us to be. Use us to reach out, and when we reach out in your love, we are your hand extended. Don’t let fear stop us or being too busy, hinder us from obeying your voice. Thank you for using someone to touch my life so many times. Remind us today of the “good Samaritan’s” choice. Thanks you for loving us and “never leaving us or forsaking us” when we felt unlovable. In Jesus’ Holy Name- -Amen.
Keeping the Faith,

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