Day Forty-Three

Scripture: Matthew 16:13-23

What did you think of the weekend studies…did you finish Saturday and Sunday? Remember everyone is on their own. No guilt trips here if you were not able to get to them. Usually, I tie Saturday and Sunday into one sit down session for myself. Usually Saturday is SWAMPED….anyone else? But I have to tell you…the devotion from both days…caused tears to spring to my eyes. The miracle of the fish and loaves…well, I won’t say more…but my highlighter got a work out!

Now on to today. We are almost at our half-way point. Can you believe it? Do you feel Him? In your everyday life? Whispering in your heart? I have.

After you read the passage for today, I am going to head straight to something powerful that really hit home with me, “2) All Satan needs to have momentary victory over a disciple is for us to have in mind the things of men. Satan doesn’t have to get us blatantly thinking satanic thoughts to have victory over us. All he needs is to get us looking at life from man’s perspective rather than God’s.”

…and then I was hit with THIS….

“What Peter didn’t understand is that what may have seemed best in the short run would have been disastrous in the long run. Had Jesus saved His disciples the anxiety of His betrayal, trials, and death, He wouldn’t have saved them at all.”

Did you see that?

What did that do to your heart?

How many times have you been like me….worked the solution to whatever problem out in your head and just expected God to “see it your way”?

I cannot tell you HOW many times when troubles or anxiety have overtaken my thought processes that I have absolutely come up with something or some way to fix it…and totally left out the fact that God might have other ideas or plans….Well of COURSE He has other plans! I mean…He is God after all!

It is for us to CONFORM to His plans, NOT the other way around….why, oh why, do we waste precious time trying to solve an issue that we have prayed and asked God for the answer??

I’m trying —really I am. I know we don’t see the big picture. We don’t see what He is working out of us in the process of all the trials we are currently enduring. All we see is the current pain, instead of the blessing to come. The blessing is hidden from our view by the daily tears of frustration. We can’t build it, nor fix it to suit ourselves. If it is not God’s making…it is for naught.

So girls, let us “hold fast to the faith” that the work He is doing in our lives will one day reveal such beauty, the scars of the battle will be jewels in our crown of life that we will cast at His feet. I know I sort of got off the track of the lesson today, but these things burned in my heart even as I studied the “miracle of the fish and loaves”. What God wanted to “show the disciples”….He wants to show us as well. Let’s take a look at what He’s holding in His hands…

Father God, You just blow me away sometimes. The way You love us without hesitation. You are teaching us to do the same. To love and to follow You without hesitation. We do. Today we choose to listen and obey. We give you this day and everyday. Create in us what You desire us to be. In the holy name of Your only Son, Jesus~Amen.

Keeping the Faith,


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