I feel prompted

to lead you somewhere. AND when I feel prompted…I am trying to hard to act on the instruction.

When I first began blogging over a year ago now…seems longer somehow, anyway I found this young woman with such a heart for sharing Christ.

One Thousand Gifts is a logo I have seen on several blogs. I am starting my own thankful journal. I have a “prayer request” journal already…with precious hand prints for praying over…but this will be different. Recognizing the gift of everyday. In every day. When I am rushing Monday on and wishing for Friday to come, I will do my best….my hardest….to observe, look for and seek out the gift in the day that I am currently breathing.

I invite you to journey over to Holy Experience for an experience in life—a life that I believe with all my heart you will feel ‘kin’ to.

God is so good. I have so much to be thankful for. Celebrating the 25th birthday of my oldest daughter around the supper table tonight was a tremendous blessing. With the rowdy noise of 5 little boys plus one precious niece, there were blessings in the form of 60 fingers and 60 toes. Six pair of eyes all looked into mine and 6 little mouths made noises appropriate to their age. Blessings. Even in the loud moments.

Did I just say that? We really appreciated the silence once the house was still. But are so thankful!

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6 responses to “I feel prompted

  • Marsha

    Sweet friend, we just run parallel! I’ve been reading Ann for a year, also! And I’m planning on writing about the One Thousand Gifts after the ladies retreat I’m teaching at the same weekend you’re coming to the mountains! The retreat is for ladies of my church and I plan on using the retreat to kick this off with them and then use my blog to visually post mine.Girlfriend, I just love you! Oh, and happy birthday to your daughter! My son turns 24 on Wednesday.

  • eph2810

    I started that list almost 2 years ago, but never finished it *sigh*. Maybe it is time to ‘resurrect’ it…I haven’t visited with Ann for such long time…need to make time for it…Thank you for the gentle reminders, my dear friend…

  • Denise

    Amen, God pours out sweet blessings daily my friend. I love you.

  • Technonana

    Thanks for the link, I will check it out!!! I hope your daughter had a great birthday!! I too love the sound of the noise the kids make!!! Guess that comes from having four of my own and always having their friends in and out!!After they all left on Sunday… the house was just too quiet!!

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Yes, there is SO much for which to be thankful. I cannot speak for others but I simply say JUST living in the US is a blessing. Even for those who may be homeless (as awful as that may be), I still see this country as a blessing. I cannot imagine not being able to worship freely without fear of persecution or imprisonment. I am reading through Acts (on chp 26) and the persecution and accusation Paul endured. I just can’t imagine. Personally, I am over blessed. Even with the emotional pain that afflicts me and the questions and wondering of why and how to my Lord, I am still extremely blessed! Just His mere love and knowing He IS working in my life and trials regardless what the enemy TRIES to convince me. Praise be to the Lord. I choose today to be joyful instead of envious of other’s blessings like the “loud” moments of your little ones. Oh how moments of regret are entering my 34 yr-old mind of whether having no children was God’s plan for me and the right road to travel. Thank you for your PRECIOUS comment about my Confidence post. I will be posting about Happiness tonight.Sweet Blessings,Paula

  • Cheryl

    Love this. Have a great week!Cheryl

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