90 Days with Jesus Bible Study

Day Thirty-Seven

Luke 8-40-42a, 49-56

Girls have you had the opportunity to pull something from your memory of some of the material we have studied so far? I did…just this morning. I was overwhelmed with joy at the fact that I REMEMBERED it! I have been praying for the “remembering ability”–to latch on to what we are learning and allow me to use it again in studies, blogging, sharing, or just plain trying to help someone else!

Let’s get on in the study. Desperation is what Beth titled it. Fitting.

As a parent who has been in a “desperate” situation with my own children before…I know the feeling.

Traveling at a high rate of speed in order to get to my youngest daughter who had been in an automobile accident that took the life of the driver at fault—I was desperate for God to enable my truck to sprout wings. My wings didn’t come…but what He did was pave the way. He cleared the highway before me of any oncoming traffic.

As amazing as it was, I look back and see the miracle in that. I was praying and crying out to God and driving about 85+ miles per hour. This mother was distraught. I wasn’t thinking about anything but my baby girl. God was there. April saw the horrified look on my face when I looked at her in the ambulance and she instantly reassured me. “Mom, I’m fine.”—bloody face, cuts, bleeding from her neck…“Mom, I’m fine, stop worrying.” God was faithful. He had her in His hands. No, He didn’t prevent it—but yes He could have. He had a reason. I just don’t know what it was—and may never…that has to be okay with me….I must live my life with my COMPLETE TRUST in HIM! God heard the desperation in my voice. He knew my heart. He answered.

Fast forward a few years and again—with extreme desperation in my voice—I called on God. Our oldest daughter is about to either give birth 2 1/2 months too early or die. And possibly both. As she lay in the hospital bed, her husband was a basket case—she looked at me with swollen eyes from crying and said–“call Grandleria”. That is our name for Mother. “Tell her to pray”. I did and she did. God heard the desperate plea in our hearts and voices. Yes, He could have prevented all of the trauma of this child birth. But He didn’t. Reason? I may never know this side of heaven. Maybe we needed some sifting in our lives. Maybe our attention was not fully focused on what it should have been. Maybe someone else needed to see Christ at work IN US. Maybe my child needed to KNOW in Whom we all believe. Maybe it was time that she got an up close and personal visit from the heavenlies. Whatever the reason—He alone knows.

Girlfriends, I don’t know what you may be facing. I know that our family has endured many hardships–from financial collapse to major sicknesses and death, to the loss of a home and even runaway teenager….but through every single hardship or trial, we have turned to our Source of strength. He has never failed. Although the trials may have lasted far longer than we thought necessary, it is sometimes very necessary to complete whatever process He may be working in our lives. And, in the scheme of things, we don’t know the “whole” of what is actually going on anyway. We only see a small portion of the picture.

Tomorrow, when Aimee talks about the “in-between” miracle—she will shed more light on this story. The fact was that while Jesus was on His way to Jairus’ house, a miracle takes place—all because of the faith of one woman….in desperation. He could have healed Jairus’ daughter without ever being present…but the happenings were all for a reason. There are times in our lives when we call on Him in desperation for a need in our lives…and there are times when we are literally crawling before Him and reaching with desperate hands for a touch of His garment.

I love Psalm 121:1, 2 “I raise my eyes toward the mountains. Where will my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Thank you Father, for being here….and there. Wherever we are is where You are. You wrap us in the arms of Your strength and hold us with the everlasting peace. I ask today that You will wrap up each life that is reaching out to You. All the girls that have joined with us in the study to know You more. As we learn more of You, help us to learn more about what You have for us. We live such lives that rarely do we reach out until we are in desperate need. When every single day You long for conversation and time alone with each of us. Help me Lord to take that time more. Use my time wisely. For You. So that I can KNOW YOU MORE. Help me retain what I learn. Hold it in my heart—and give it away at the same time. In Jesus precious name I pray~Amen.

Keeping the Faith,


A great web tool can be found here: God’s Yellow Pages. You may have seen it. I sometimes use it at work for a quick and handy reference for certain passages. When you click on any verse, it will take you directly to BibleGateway.

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