Just a couple of things…

I had my computer up on Saturday getting some music going and Rylan spotted the picture of himself with Papa. Well—he said, “Nana, where’s my picture with you?” Well—my picture was NOT near as good as that handsome Papa of his…and I told him…”it’s in the computer”…but sweet little fellow he is wanted it up on the screen. So. Of course Nana does all she can to help the little fellow feel better. He will REALLY love this shot of himself when he fell asleep yesterday WHILE playing his game!

Today I have been poured a double blessing on! A treat in the mail! And I visited a dear sister who is a participant in our Bible Study…you know the one at Sisters of Faith???? Anyone ever visit there??? (kidding you guys!) Anyway, Gail is a tremendous writer…and girls you HAVE got to read this post. If you come away with a dry eye and untouched heart….let me get my thermometer! It was amazing.

A real dose of reality. In the world we live–we take so much for granted and concentrate on the frivolous so much that we sometimes neglect those that are place in our path to minister to.

Oh, by the way…I will be over at the Sister’s site tomorrow…for the Bible Study…you know? Aimee is making the tea…I made some delicious pumpkin cookies….

See you there!!!

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5 responses to “Just a couple of things…

  • Marsha

    You are so right! Gail’s post was just beautiful. Thanks for sending me that way.

  • Denise

    We are so human and we fail to look beyond to the world outside.. Sometimes our world are the four walls around us…… there is human suffering across the street and down the block and we fret because dishwasher is leaving spots on the glasses…….. I have to be shocked back into reality from time to time and I need to throw away that Binky !

  • Gail W.

    Hello, Beautiful!I knew it was you – thank you a million times over for stopping by my place and especially for sending over your friends. All of you encouraged me more than I know how to tell you!!!

  • eph2810

    The photo of you and your grandson is just wonderful. You are looking so happy 🙂 Love the shot of him falling asleep while playing 🙂I will check out Gail’s post.Just wanted to wish you and your family a very blessed day!

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