Day Thirty-six

Scripture Text: Luke 8:26-39

This story was always fascinating as a child- Christ casting out the demons in the man from the Gadarenes. What a mighty God we serve! Jesus cast them out and they went into the swine and the swine jumped off the cliff. While I read this devotion I was thinking of the same song we talked about in the beginning of our study called “The Beauty of His Name.” The second verse is: “At the sound of His name every demon has to flee for to that name all power is given to set the hopeless captive free. Every disease and sickness must bow down to that name and forever more surrender for all of time I shall proclaim.” His name is powerful!

My husband and I have been in many services. We’ve been married for 21 years and my husband was in the ministry before I married him and, there have been some encounters with demon possession from time to time. I remember one particular incident, when my husband and I were dating, and he was preaching a revival at a church. He called me the next day and told me all about a lady that came to him for prayer after church and said to him that she had been sent from lucifer to kill him, and the Pastor also heard her say it. Well sisters, prayer was on and the battle was hot. They prayed for her and she fell to the ground and slithered like a snake and the vilest language came forth. She was even foaming at the mouth. I know this sounds horrible and it was, they had to pray a long time that night. The pastor, my husband, and several from the church. When she was delivered she cried and cried, and today is the sweetest lady I’ve ever met. Satan had her bound in all kinds of bondage that I feel is not necessary to go into, but the main thing is she got the victory. The Lord set her free! Now don’t think I’m crazy, and that we look for demons under every rock, we don’t, but I have seen a few other occasions. Satan does have some power, but my God is greater. And we are “more that conquerors, in Christ Jesus!”

I don’t want to dwell on demons, devils, or satan here. I just know, people shouldn’t play around with the things of darkness, sin, or witchcraft. But my God is bigger! He is the deliverer. I don’t believe a Christian can be devil possessed, but I do believe they can be oppressed or depressed. There is a big difference! Satan will not cross the blood line! It says in James 2:19, “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.” Friend, one day, “Every knee shall bow” and I’m looking forward to that day! The devil does try to keep people bound in the bondage of sin, but Jesus is our Saviour and He can set free only those who will allow Him to. He set me free!!! He saved me!!!

Thank you Lord for forgiveness of sin – thank you for the strength you give. The battles we are faced with today is yours. We give them to you. Thank you for covering us with strong arms. “You are the “Son of the Most High God!” Fill our cups to over-flowing and spill on all those around us. In Christ Jesus name – – Amen.

Keeping the Faith,


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