Welcome Fall!

I felt a coolness in the air for the past few mornings…just enough for me to start pulling out the “Fall”.

In preparation for some family gathering, a dear sweet-sister friend created “just for me”, some incredible “fluff” for my home. From window treatments to bed skirts! AND chair coverings so that I can switch my color theme at my choosing! Vivienne can make ANYTHING! (You can see her and her site by clicking her name!)

I will tell you, this dear sister-friend has prayed with me, cried with me and we have shared many life joys and sorrows of cups of coffee and tea! I feel most at home at her house! She has opened her home to me— and I came in and took over her kitchen. Who but a near and dear friend will give you free reign in her kitchen!!

Creating for her and Will (her dearly devoted husband), meals from start to finish is something I love doing and CAN DO! (My talent is not in the same department as Vivienne’s) If you want to feel “loved” and appreciated…cook for Vivienne and Will. I love doing that for them—they make me feel like it is the “best meal” they’ve ever eaten! Sweeter friends cannot be found!

So I am taking you on a tour of our home…a quick one…well—after I posted this, I realized you didn’t get a shot of the bathroom. Ahhh….shucks….and Lori, I cleaned the tub and everything! Oh well. Maybe for Christmas tour you can see the tub!!!

I love you Vivienne. I love you Will. Thank you for sharing your wife with me…and your home….and thanks to their friend Roger for helping them with everything from driving to shopping 🙂

More on my visit this afternoon with my fellow bloggin’ buddy “TechnoNana”! We shared some food and sweet conversation this afternoon at Ruby Tuesdays! I LOVED meeting her! I will post a picture next!!!


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4 responses to “Welcome Fall!

  • Laurel Wreath

    Loved watching the video. I spent my day today getting out all my Fall stuff and decorating. I am feeling mighty festive now =)

  • lori

    LOVED the visit…but I am disappointed….no tub shots!:)FALL has arrived!!! Hey you should find something SOON in the mail to help you and THE MAN make a night of it…a fabulously fall night!love you!lori

  • Joanne

    Angie,What a beautiful home. The mantel with the pumpkins and ivy was so FALL! Your window coverings were just darlin. I should probably tell you that while I was watching, your home silently whispered that I would one day kick off my shoes and curl up on your couch for a long sister to sister conversation.I can’t wait!love you friend…

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