Guess Who I get to Meet? In real life!

This weekend is full to the brim of busyness! AND I mean busy! I have a list a mile long! (Just ask Jeff!)

We have both fought a bit of sickness with this “peanut pickin'” season with our sinuses—-aaarggg!

Tomorrow—we are having a supper here for some family—-and then on Sunday I get to meet TechnoNana in REAL LIFE!

Oh, by the way…you wanna know what time it is??? 2:52 a.m. Yup. See…what happened was, I drank one of those ‘coffee’ drinks before I left work this afternoon….to sort of pep me up…and well, yes. You see they really work!

I worked HARD the entire time before bath and bedtime. Ironing, vacuuming, sweeping, re-arranging….etc. Then when I went to bed, I was exhausted…and slept hard for about 2 hours. Rylan (oldest grandson) came to our room at exactly 12:57 and said he couldn’t breath. Stuffy nose. So he laid down with us. I listened to him “snort” for about a minute and got a kleenex to blow his nose. And you know moms and nanas…something didn’t feel right.

I got him to come to the bathroom and we walked in and squeezed our eyes at the bright light. I was going to wash his little face and all the —okay—this is gross…so go ahead and skip down to the end if you’re squeemish—but the word is “snot”. But it wasn’t snot. His little nose had started bleeding and he had a ruined night shirt and I had some ruined sheets and pillowcases.

So I clean him up. Change his clothes and put him in bed with Papa. With a towel under his head. I tried explaining to him, hold your head back…keep this cold wet cloth on your nose…but….uummm—you have to know Rylan. Anyway, I get them settled and then change the other sheets and pillowcases and crawl in his bed.

But—sleep just ain’t my friend. Ever have those nights? Or mornings? I lay there and think of all the stuff I have to do EARLY Saturday morning. I can’t start now…the noise of such would wake poor tired Papa. So….I after tossing—and turning….I decided to check e-mails.

So here I sit. Just giving you a brief peek and update on life at the Knight house. Such as it is.

I have a special sweet dear sister friend who is doing some awesome things for me. I will post that SOON. She has been at work creating me some ‘chair covers’ tonight. She spent Friday night last weekend with us and we sewed curtains all day Saturday. She has been fluffing my heart and life with surprises from some fabric I purchased the past 2+ years! I will post that as SOON as we are done! She is none other than Vivienne!

Okay…we will see if we can get back to bed now! Oh, the picture? Rylan and Papa last Sunday before church. Ain’t they the cutest?

Oh…sorry. There was nothing whatsoever spiritual about this post. Well…if you find something…be sure and let me know. Love you all!

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