Monday is on the way!

It will be here shortly. Is already here for some. A prayer request was given today and I know the mother that added it would appreciate all the prayers that can be prayed for her and her family. (Read about it by clicking on the hand prints for prayer button on the side bar.)

My precious buddy Lori, over at “All You Can Give” created the button Hand Prints For Prayer, before Wanda passed away, and it has a very special meaning for me. Remember the “hand prints”? I still have them. The book is growing. I am adding hand prints to have for prayer time. I still have some family members to “trace” their hands.

If you have any prayer requests for others to pray about, you may add it by clicking on the button on my sidebar (Amy—thank you for making it easy!) and add it via comment. You don’t even have to leave you name, it can be completely anonymous.

Also, don’t forget the Mother’s Day give-away. Read on down to find out what it is.

Most importantly —include God in your everyday schedule. Not just Sundays. Invite Him to join you as you drive to work. As you make breakfast. Spend quality time with Him each day. Be listening should He call. Answer the call. Say yes—to what He asks.

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