Daily Archives: April 1, 2008

Just a few changes…

In a world full of changes….here is yet another one. After discovering a very ugly and graphic comment on one of my posts, I have had to enable comment moderation. I appreciate my sweet readers, you are loved! Please don’t let this deter you from posting a comment. That is so encouraging to us as we “blog” along in our ministry for the Lord.

So, I continue to “blog along”—writing devotions—sharing snippets of the life at the Knight house—joys and pain—loving the Lord with all I am —all I have—and being obedient to what ever He calls—***His name is Jesus***

There are days when I share lunch with my sister, Aimee in this fashion…I call her on the cell phone—or she calls me…and as I am going to the “drive-thru” of whatever is handy, we chat…she is doing the same as me…but is about 40 miles away…and we get our food —settle in for “lunch via cell phone”. It’s not what we wish it was…but at least we are able to share it in that way. We talk, share thoughts about what the Lord is dealing with us about, and sometimes she or I will share a scripture… or sometimes…you won’t believe this…but one of us may even “sing” to the other! Stop laughing….we do….And then sometimes, we share about the “stuff of life”. The painful stuff. We help each other…bearing one another’s burdens.

This week, I did the “crazy” thing. I was driving to run a quick errand on my lunch time…and as I made a turn onto the 4-lane—a song from YEARS ago came to my mind—from out of the BLUE! See if you recognize it…

“There’s gonna be a big homecoming
I’ll meet you up in heaven
at that
Big homecoming in the sky
There’s gonna be a great big table spread
milk and honey fed
at that
Big homecoming in the sky”

It’s an old Happy Goodman Family song….I remember it from when I was a young girl, and had not thought of it in years…but it came to me as I was driving and I just started singing it…called Aimee—and left the song on her cell phone! It was so bad it made her cry! (Well, she cried…so I figure it was really bad!) It made me think of Wanda…and wondering what she was doing…is she helping get the table set? Is she cooking one of her special dishes for dessert? Or, is she sitting at the feet of Jesus? I don’t know…but sisters…I am making my plans to FIND OUT!

Don’t forget the “Mother’s Day” give-away…and the “*clues*” within each post until then…go here to read what to do! I love each of you!!!!