Saturday Life!

Don’t forget the give-away! Read about it here!

Quick announcement—mainly because I have two very important guests today! Rylan and Zackary—possibly April and Cy as well! We have much playing to do. But if you stop by, I will clear a spot for you to sit, I will put us on some hot water for a cup of tea, it may be raining, so we’ll open the blinds and watch the rain, share our hearts, and listen to little boy-chatter! I am over at the Cafe today. The Internet Cafe!

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3 responses to “Saturday Life!

  • Denise

    Enjoy your time with your precious grandchildren. I love you.

  • Jennifer

    That sounds wonderful! I wish I were closer I would take you up on it. It just might snow again here after hitting 71 degrees yesterday. Is that insane or what. We were under tornado alerts yesterday go figure.Smiles!

  • Jenifer

    Thank you so much for this Angie. You prayed for me. God has so been speaking to my heart lately about living my life in the freedom He has blessed me with. For whom the Son has set free is free indeed and it’s time we start living that way. Blessings,Jenifer

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