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Weekend Fun!

A couple of these are from this past summer….the top two to be exact. But I thought I’d share a spoonful of sugar with ya! Now, don’t overdose! That sweetness can get sticky! After you’ve picked up the umteenth truck or almost broken your toe on a car—while kicking it’s wheels before test-drivin’ it!
The top dude loves to play Ninja. The next one down holding the stick, loves to BE NINJA. But he loves to whine more. Which is why I am looking into Ginger Plowman’s new book, “No More Whining”.
The one pictured at the picnic table and with the storybooks and bears is my Rylan. I call him mine for many reasons. His mommy doesn’t mind.
The picture with Papa “trying” to read to a couple of them is funny, because we had more fun watching and listening to Papa deal with this lap full of boys who love books, but love to squirm and ask multiple questions while you are reading…hence, this doesn’t happen very often, so a picture to capture the moment was necessary!
The last sugar-dumplin’ is my Cy-Man. His name is just Cy. But like all grandparents, we have pet names for our kids. Tiffany was “Frog Legs”, April was and is Weezie, and the boys have their own names as well.
My sister, Aimee and I worked on a project last night….more to come on that. It wasn’t a blog. It was a room project. My sister, Wanda’s sewing room. Like I said, more to come on that.

11 thoughts on “Weekend Fun!”

  1. Thank you for giving to your grandkids. We treasure the gift of grandparents in the lives of our kids. By the time I have them…I’ll still have kids at home! I think I’m meant to be in a state of perpetual motherhood all of my days.Be blessed, and thank you…thank you for your prayers. I have felt them every one! peace~elaine

  2. HOW to you send HIM back home…I’d keep HIM!! He is just TOO cute…you have to SMILE when you look at THAT face!!!oh pooh….I can’t stay and smile any longer..I have to go clean a bathroom…they don’t clean themselves you know….and those boys..they shoot for the WALLS!!hugs…and I left a prayer request…my buddy the QUEEN at Queenie Bee’z Hive has SOOO much on her plate…hugs girl….grab that pic on my site today and tape it to your desk…:) knew you NEEDED it…a strong cup of coffee…reminding you it SPILLS over with blessings!!hugs,lori

  3. Awwww!!!! What a fun group of pics! I loved seeing Papa trying to read to wriggly ones! And I can’t overdose on this sugar, gal!Love you lots,Chris

  4. What a SWEET…SWEET…blessing you are in the lives of your Grandchildren.What sweet faces they have…..oh how BLESSED you are!

  5. Oh Angie they are adorable. I just can’t help it – when I see little boys, I think of my own two boys at that age! Such tender hearts and sweet faces! Love the pics!

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