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Hint Help!

Okay ladies—-back up a bit….to the post where I introduced the Mother’s Day give-away. I gave you a ***hint***—***she is a mom***. Okay now I am going to out right tell you that the hint is —she is a mom—which is referring to something about the give-away. Which, by the way —is —-a very good gift!

Since YOU ALL KNOW how I love to read…I will give another hint….***book***. That is just to easy! Now, someone told me to be real plain– very easy….because sometimes when we are reading blogs—we are tired. I know…sorry…I go through the same thing! (Remember this morning’s 2:34 a.m.—I get tired when He wakes me up)

So, the biggest clue I am about to hand out is this…every clue is either surrounded by *** or, it is in bold. Now, before you grab every word in my posts that are bold…I will say that you should be careful…not every bold word is part of the clue.

The beginning point for this give-away is here. The gift will go to the first person that guesses the gift! When leaving your comment, you don’t have to tell me that you know the hint (so that you don’t give it away), but please tell me you “think” you know. You can e-mail me and tell you what you think it is—with your return e-mail and I will reply with a confirmation or tell you “look again” :-).

IF no one is able to guess—(I will make it easy as possible)—the gift—for Mother’s Day, I will use the random number generator to select from each individual that comments. It’s the only fair way I know. BUT I would love it if you try and guess!!!!

Have a blessed evening—and Friday! AND Saturday!

Since I will be hosting a grandson sleep-over Friday night for a couple of them, I may not post on Saturday due to mental and physical exhaustion!!! (Lori, I sound old…well, tonight, I feel old!)

Mediocre Life

What kind of life is that? Sometimes—many times it is what we settle for instead of perservering before the throne—or pushing ahead and believing God for what He wants for us in the first place! He does NOT want mediocre for His blessed children!

Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”. (NIV)

This morning at 2:34—well, probably just a few minutes before that, the Lord woke me from a deep sleep. I woke, rolled over and snuggled deeper, only to hear Him in my heart/head beckon me from that nestled postition. Well, old flesh immediately says, “I hate it when You do that…wake me up from sleep…YOU know how much I love sleep….” I was instantly rebuked, “No, Lord, I’m sorry, I don’t hate it…. You know I love YOU more than sleep.”

So, I rolled over on my back, as if to ready myself to “listen”. His instructions are clear. “Get up-go to your prayer room, lay before me in prayer.” I try just for 2 seconds, to reason with Him, that I can pray here….but no I can’t. I pray out loud when He instructs me like this…and I KNOW already that this will be an outloud prayer. Not a whispered or silent type.

As I roll the covers back, my thoughts begins to “wander” down the corridor of my mind filled with pictures of family. Is someone in distress? The brink of disaster? A fire? A tornado? (There was that one time of the tornado—an old post…don’t remember which one–you’d have to hunt back to last year sometime…)

I go to the bathroom, then on through the dining room, where the Bibles, books and computer is arranged, just as I’d left them hours before…walk into the kitchen and look at the clock, thinking surely it must be almost “getting up time” anyway. Not so. Only 2:34. Good sleep being missed. Girls you have no clue how much this youngin loves to sleep!

I walk into the prayer room/library. Small room. Only big enough for the “granddaddy chair”, two book cases and a desk. Just enough floor space that I can lie down and meet the Master of the house. So I take my place. Same place everytime.

As I began, I told Him, “I don’t know what You’ve called me here for ….but that’s okay. I don’t have to know.” My prayer began slow, as He blew the sleep from my heart, I began to weep before Him with the urgency of NEEDING Him to hear my plea. Not knowing who or what I was praying for, I left it up to Him. Many of you were prayed for. Many of you that I converse with on a daily basis via e-mail or a visit to your blog were on my heart. So, your name was called.

The Lord prompted my spirit….”it’s not about the numbers, Angie. It’s about the message.” I asked for the message. For the annointing. For His Spirit to rest upon me and pour into me what needs to be said. To the hurting. To the damaged. To the brokenhearted. To you and, yes, to me. He pours it in….I pour it out.

I can’t tell you how many times a day I think about what the Lord wants to use my life for. What He’s up to. But girls, it is all up to Him. Whatever He wants to do with me, use me for I am His. Totally.

I love my precious family. My sweet darling man. My girls, their husbands, their children, my parents, my siblings…but I belong to the Lord. For His work….I don’t know what it’s to be. It may only be to get up at 2:34 a.m. and pray for someone I don’t know. Someone I’ve never had the pleasure of a neck hug. But that’s okay too. If the Lord crosses our paths here….then it is for a reason. I question Him not.

Dear sweet sister-in-Christ, it is not about the number of visitors I have or you have. Nor about the comments or who they come from. It is about the message of Christ….and getting it out to the lost and dying. It’s about Him. All about Him.

Now, I am off to bed again. I have prayed. Laid back down, couldn’t get you off my heart and mind. So I got BACK up and went to the computer. I needed to tell you that we don’t have to live a mediocre life. That He has a plan and purpose for EACH ONE OF US! YOU and me! All we need to do is be obedient. (I’m not even checking this one for boo-boo’s…so please excuse—I am tired—I’ve never posted this early.)