Daily Archives: April 11, 2008

Saturday Life!

Don’t forget the give-away! Read about it here!

Quick announcement—mainly because I have two very important guests today! Rylan and Zackary—possibly April and Cy as well! We have much playing to do. But if you stop by, I will clear a spot for you to sit, I will put us on some hot water for a cup of tea, it may be raining, so we’ll open the blinds and watch the rain, share our hearts, and listen to little boy-chatter! I am over at the Cafe today. The Internet Cafe!

Jesus the One and Only

If you have been tuned in recently, you may “guess” at the HUGE hint I just laid out. This is the “gift” for the give-away. Now, for the story behind it.

For my birthday this past year, Wanda gave me a gift card to LifeWay. She knew how much I enjoyed that store! She also bought one for Aimee—the baby sista—her birthday had been in August, but each one of us have a tendency to get so busy we sometimes are late with gifts for birthdays…but never telephone calls! (If they charged for each local call….I could not afford to eat! We girls can do us some talkin’—I mean to tell you some big time girl talk!)

I left work one day at lunch and scurried over to LifeWay, this was in December, which is when my birthday was 🙂 *grin* :), and knew exactly what I wanted when I walked in. This Bible study. I was already currently involved in a study, but I was excited about doing this one. I had in my mind to buy one for Wanda too, as a surprise for her birthday in February so that we could do the study together.

Wanda gave Aimee her gift card to LifeWay, about a week after I had received mine. It wasn’t until after Wanda had passed away that Aimee used her gift card. So it was with deep emotion that she took her sweet self into LifeWay and bought the same book! Aimee didn’t know that I was going to get Wanda one.

So girls, here I have this “extremely special” Bible Study book to give to some sweet individual. All you have to do is say “enter me” with each comment. You may comment as many times as you like. This will go from now until the end of April.

Mother’s Day is on May 11th, and it will be mailed to you in plenty of time. Wanda was an exceptional mother and wife—like none other I have known. She would be thrilled for you to have her “Bible Study Book” and get closer to the Lord! After all, she is with the One and Only today! In His presence! Oh, how I miss my darling sister. Even though I know she is happy and whole….I still miss those daily (about 5 or more times a day) phone calls! I still miss her tiny frame sitting beside me in Bible Study at church and on Sunday mornings. Okay, I must stop here with this. Or the keyboard will become a bigger mess!

Anway, we (me, you and Aimee), will have our books and we can do this study together! Be blessed in the Lord! For He is good and His mercies endureth forever!

P.S.—if you are wondering why I don’t give this to my mother….ssshhhh! (Remember Mother’s Day is coming up!)

*Due to the cost of postage and the weight of this book, this drawing is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.