My Earrings are HERE!

My earrings arrived! Thank you Chris!!! I am blessed to have found her! If you (my sweet readers) would like some new treat for yourself….go to my sidebar and find Chris Kerr Jewelry. She creates and sells “one-of-a-kind” treasures!

If you know me, you are thinking….what is wrong with your face??? Well, sinus problems jumped on me in full force last night…along with lack of sleep (have I told you about the night sweats? Have I told you that I don’t sleep….but instead flip from on top of the covers to under the covers—with a ceiling fan on…and the window partially opened and it’s about 40° outside at night)…anyway…for the past SEVERAL nights….this has caused the “lack of rest” look. Or maybe that’s just the way it is at this stage/age…..
ANYWAY….this is about the earrings…not me! Thank you Chris (they match my glasses!) (Which I wear only when I want to see)

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