New places to visit

In case you run out of great things to read….go to some of the sites on my sidebar (I have added some new ones that I have discovered) and ENJOY! You will find uplifting, encouraging and faith building friends there. A few even have some extra things like “crafting and cooking, etc.” that we all enjoy!

I really wish (because I’m from the South) that we could get some of that fluffy white stuff for a couple of days….(I know…if I had to drive in it I wouldn’t want it—what my brother-in-law from Indiana always says.) But still….just for a couple of days~~~

Thank you for your continued prayers for my sister, Wanda. She has continued to lose some of the fluid (thank you Jesus!) and is gaining strength. Please continue to pray. We have many more years of “Sister’s Retreats” to enjoy!

I am working on a devotion…the Lord is working on me through it….pray girls! Also, I will be having a give-away in February! So-stay tuned!

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