Thankful Thursday at it’s BEST!

Much to be thankful for today! I am thankful that Wanda has lost another pound of fluid! YEAH GOD!! She will be recieving another unit of blood this morning and we desire your prayers. I blogged a bit about Wanda a couple of posts down, scroll down and find her picture. It was taken a couple of years ago…but it’s a good shot!

I am thankful for my honey-pie-love-of-my-life who loves me even when I’m worried and cranky.

I am thankful for April…who always is tender towards her mother’s feelings…

I am thankful that God is still working in Tiffany’s life…and she is aware that her priorities have been out of order.

I am thankful for the prayer requests that every family member placed in a special gift wrapped box for us to pray over for this entire year….it was sealed….and it will be passed from family to family through out the year as a reminder to pray and will be opened on Thanksgiving night at mother’s house to see what God has done!

What He is doing right now is miraculous….we have gone from “things don’t look good”….to “she may come home soon!” Praise the LORD!!!!

Join all our thankful hearts over at my sweet friend Lynn’s place (Spiritually Unequal Marriage) and remember to say prayers for her on Monday as she is following the steps of the Lord!

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