In Celebration of my 100th post…..

I am having a give-away! (Drawing to be held Monday, November 26)
I want to show my appreciation for all my sweet friends and “dedicated” readers! Some of you I never hear from — but when I “see” you —- you are always an encouragement to me! So please allow me to bless you (if your name is drawn in that “random drawing thingy”) with this awesome New Testament! It is 18 CD’s full of the Word of God! It is read by women, many of whom you are already familiar with. This Bible has traveled with me for months. I have listened to the Word read completely through three times now. I want it to penetrate my being. I want it to pour forth from my heart, mind, and most of all my mouth!

I recently purchased a new one….just for you (you know I have to keep mine—I have much driving every day!) So please comment–or e-mail me directly-(my e-mail address is found on my profile page on the side bar)–make sure I know how to get up with you if you win! I am certain that you will enjoy this—it is perfect to put in your player while you are cleaning house, driving or to read along with! It has wonderfully soothing music in the background.

Again, I thank each of you for being a significant part of my life. May God bless you and strengthen your walk with Him!

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