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Family—What a Blessing!

The Lord is good! This picture was taken…hmmmm—many years ago. The youngest girl showing the bright smile , just received her restricted drivers license. The young boy in the picture is a whopping 18. Those two belong to my sister and her husband to my left. The sweet looking chick in the green—did I say greeeeen? shirt is my youngest daughter—who is now 22. My oldest daughter, the one showing all the teeth. Jeff and I are the middle couple….I am the one that looks like a “farmer”. My favorite look. The two fellows on either side of Jeff are Assembly of God ministers. Making their precious wives, which are my beloved sisters, MW (minister’s wives). My brother is sitting in the “prayer chair” (my mother’s chair), looking suave and debonair. Last but certainly not least, is our mother and our Grandbuddy. A house full of blessings!

These blessings have grown and multiplied. From our two precious daughters, we gained two sons and now have 6 grandchildren. The sister and her husband to my right have a wonderful gift from heaven full of delight, in the form of a sweet girl. My brother and his wife have a darling baby girl who is almost 2 months old!

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of things that I have to be thankful for! I am incredibly blessed with wonderful family. A praying family. A believing family. A thankful family.

I love the innocence I see in the faces of the children. I love the joy I see on the faces of the adults. This picture is a regular event at my mothers house on Christmas Eve. Every year we gather in a “clump” and say cheese to the “automatically set” camera. We generally take more than one picture. Invariably someone is looking off, blinking, giggling uncontrollably, and sometimes, there are some behinds that get pinched by our spouses! Of course that results in a very unique family photo! This tradition began when Jeff and I were first married. Over 25 years ago. There were some years when he was missing from the picture when he worked on offshore drilling rigs. There were a couple of years when one of the other of us girls were missing due to sickness. But in the years that it was possible, a family photo was made. A treasured keepsake.

We record the history and life of our family and our blessings. When we look back, we see where we’ve been. As we cling to the hand of the Father, we know where we’re going. We may not know the exact route, but we know where the final destination is. I long for that day. When the “complete” family is gathered around the eternal throne of our heavenly Father. We have grandparents that loved the Lord with all their hearts that are waiting for us in heaven. Then—our picture can be made with no one missing. All of us will be home. Home with the Father.

I wanted to share these blessings today of my thankfulness as my 99th post. The Lord has been doing incredible things in my life. All of my life. Through every trial, fiery furnace, den of lions, valley of shadows, lonely roads, and turbulent seas, He has been there. He has proven His love in countless ways. He has never forsaken me. He is my trustworthy Savior. My King. My Lord. I love Him passionately. I am His—completely and forever. He is mine.

If you belong to Him, we are “sisters”….we are of the same family. No matter where you come from. No matter the path you’ve been down. No matter the color of your skin, nor the language you may speak. If you believe in my Lord Jesus Christ, and He has come into your heart and life—covering your sin with His blood that He shed for each of us on Calvary…then we are sisters (or brothers). The same family. Getting ready for the “photo shoot” of a lifetime!

Be sure your garments are pressed and spotless! If there is mending to be done….you’d better see to it quick! We are soon to be gathered. All eyes on the Father….waiting for the Son!

Join in with us on Thankful Thursday. You will be blessed as I am when I read the sweet thankful hearts of the others. Our sweet host is Crystal—-thank you again sweet friend for “taking us all in”!

Stay tuned for the 100th post! You might find a surprise!

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