Daily Archives: November 2, 2007

Jumping in on Friday~for Thankful Thursday!

Hope I’m not too late for the party! You know….the one we have each week giving thanks with a “grateful” heart to our Lord!

I am thankful that we have returned home from a glorious week of vacation! Jeff and I were joined by mother and Grandbuddy for a couple of days basking in the awesome colors of fall in the mountains of North Georgia! We had a great time….but I am glad to be home again!

I had NO INTERNET SERVICE AT ALL —-THE ENTIRE WEEK!!! Do I look like my eyes are bugging??? (Actually my eye stopped twitching as we drove out of Dothan!—but will probably start back up by mid-afternoon on Monday!)

Mother and I were shopping as hard as we could in all the unique antique stores and specialty shops! I found a wonderful Christmas store!!!

But, I am so thankful to be home—ready to see grandsons tomorrow!

We had a blast—oh yeah….I was blessed to find these great books!!!!

I missed EVERY ONE of my sweet bloggity friends! I am so glad to be back! (did I say that already????) I did work on a post….took me a couple of days…read it below … “The Lord is my Shepherd”—it really did something in my life—

I will share more details of the trip later this next week. This morning my post with Laced With Grace opened–thankful for the “post dating” of that! (to see it click on the Laced with Grace button on the sidebar).

Anyway….glad to be home! I love you girls! Don’t forget to visit our sweet hostess “Crystal
to join in other thankful Thursday’s—I hope I not too late!