Daily Archives: November 5, 2007

‘Tis Monday Evening…

Yes, it is Monday….has been all day long!
My first day back at work after a “wonderful” vacation. Time spent in the mountains with my sweet husband and the Lord!

Tomorrow is what is on my mind. I am supposed to be cleaning house….couldn’t do it Saturday…had some “little helpers” here. So it’s clean it tonight! Tomorrow night is the first official night of the new “20 Something” Bible Study group.

Pastor Potter sort of gave us that name….so until the group itself comes up with a better one….”20 Something” they are!

Please be in prayer for Jeff. He will begin the teaching sessions…and a “cake”—yes one of his delightfully delicious cakes will be our “fellowship refreshment”. He has been in prayer and study for weeks now preparing for this. I expressed my “fear” today….”that no one will come”. But hopefully, someone will. If not….well, we will try again!

This is my 98th post. I can hardly believe that myself. 98 times have I come to this place to share the love I have for my Lord. 98 times multiplied over and over have I been blessed by reading from the blogs on my sidebar. 98 times have I stopped to share something that was on my heart with you. Most of the time, I don’t know who “you” are. But “you” have been prayed for. It has been my fervent prayer that “your” life will be touched by something that the Lord can say through my typing fingers. Many times of the 98 I had to “pray through” about my post. I don’t ever choose randomly. Rather, I ask God to do the choosing. For He alone knows what each of us are in need of. Most all of the 98 times, it was “me” that needed the message…the digging in the Word…the seeking of His presence.

Since this is the 98th…..stay tuned for the 100th! See what good things are to come! A give-away….??? Most likely! A new devotion….(you betcha! I already have been talking to the Father about it!)…a new challenge….most likely….so, come on back–now— ya hear?

For right now….I have GOT TO CLEAN!!!! We have folks coming!!!