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Life Update…or Reboot?

A few changes have taken place since arriving home from Bolivia…

Computer issues…mine in my office needed some updates…and then a reboot…

Otherwise it would have not operated at it’s highest potential…

Other changes and updates….

  1. In the wee hours of the morning, when we arrived home, I walked into the most gorgeous hardwood floor in my living room, thanks to Guy Tatum and Jerry Hicks– 
  2. The next Monday, my darlin’ sweet precious man, along with Guy and Jerry completed the job by doing the kitchen!  I am blessed.
  3. I came home with the feeling of “get-‘er-done”… It is a feeling of “whatever You have for us to do LORD, we want to be found doing it.  I believe that is what we are doing.
All this week–in every spare minute,  I’ve worked on the slide show for Sunday night–not wanting to leave out a single important detail–or precious face..(and HOW do you choose from over 2000 pictures I just WANT TO KNOW!)–We will also have a brief power point as the team members share a testimony–which, one young lady has already started trying to “get out of speaking”.  
If she only knew what I know.  
The first time you open your mouth to share all that God revealed or exposed you to–YOU can’t seem to shut-up about it….or, maybe that was just me.
I LOVE mission work–it causes me to so examine my heart and life as never before.  
I believe that one a month would do some a world of good (I know it would ME!)…as it would keep our hearts on the things that REALLY matter….
It’s not the carpet color …or the hedges that need trimming…or the car that you get stuck behind that is poking along….
It’s those dark brown eyes that has seen for the first time someone new
different–but same– 
Who came across a BIG POND, to hug and love them and tell them that Jesus loves them–that Jesus Christ died on a cross–so that they could have LIFE everlasting…
That’s what matters.
Not the sister–so-and-so who didn’t smile and greet you like you thought they should…

get a grip.  
There are little children that are left to fend for themselves every single day…
and parents who stand their dressed up 4 year old daughter on a street corner with a CD player and a tin can for the coins that are dropped in as she “dances”…(Saw it last year, saw it again this year–just a different little girl)
What do you think that little girl is learning from that experience?  Sex slavery is rampant in many countries…and many eyes close to how it begins.
We do similar things here–stop and think for just a minute all the times TV has filled in for mommy and daddy’s time and attention…
We fed some little boys their first peanut butter and jelly sandwich–I know we did–because they didn’t know what to do with it when we handed it to them.  We had the same experience in Cambodia when we made them ham/cheese sandwiches…
I love experiencing life as God directs me to leave my comfort zone
He always shows me something I don’t expect…this time was no different.  (I’m STILL dealing with and processing what He showed me…)
As a matter of fact–He shows up and shows me something NEW every morning.
There are just many mornings that my mind–heart and sight is set on other things. 

“Oh, LORD, bring my focus back to the things that matter to YOU…every moment of the day.  Not just on mission trips…but in my every day life.
Let me not grow stale or stagnant….stagnant stinks.  Stagnant is not anything ANYONE wants to drink from…but LORD, let me have that Water of LIFE everlasting…and ever FILLING for those who seek YOU…You alone are the Life giving drink…fill me so that I can pour out on others…”

What are the updates going on in YOUR life? Is it time to “reboot”?
One day, maybe you and I can sit down and share about all the things that weigh YOU down…and I’ll fix you a drink of fresh–clear–clean Water.

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  (2 middle pictures are from Rene Parkhurst)

Pray for Them

100_8223Early this morning—before sleep had completely vanished—still in that state of semi-awareness of rest—and God’s blessings, some of the events of the week replayed through my mind.

Prayer was the focus of these thoughts.

I’ve thought about it for weeks—of how we need to pray about everything…as we give thanks in all things–

We’ve come upon some hard things in life—where you think—“how do I give thanks for this?”  It’s too hard…

God has a way of showing us—in the quiet of our heart—as we rest before Him in waiting patience for His direction of things.

I’ve noticed—irritations of life will keep us from praying. 

It will keep us from purposeful prayer.  Maybe we whisper something…mutter something in prayer—but purposeful prayer is usually not evidenced during time of irritation.  Whether the irritations are with people, weather, circumstances, or especially in the sharp focus of the reality of ourselves—and our personalities—we pause—but do not quite completely halt our agenda long enough to give every detail of the issue(s) to Jesus.

I found this out from experience….my own.

100_8425These new Christians will learn how to pray.  From experiences and examples.  Just as you teach your own children—they will learn from their church family.

Circumstances in life will also teach them to pray.  The effective prayer is a fervent prayer—and it will accomplish much.

New converts need to be prayed for and with.  They need discipling.  The seeds that have been planted will need watering.   The church there in Bolivia have many who can teach and lead them to continue to grow in Christ on this new journey toward Home.

Even as an older Christian—I still need constant time in prayer—Bible study—and devotion. 

Remember—the irritations of life and the difficult circumstances will draw many individuals attention away from the real effort that should be going on—prayer.  At.all.times.  Even more so as the days grow closer to the coming of Christ Jesus.

As I watched this week the children and youth be lead in prayer—taught to pray—tears came easy—as I thought of these new convert’s conversations with God.100_8171 

I remember conversations with God for the purpose of our children.  How we needed to keep things simple—so they would learn to pray as they could understand at their young age…so too for these.

On the last night in Bolivia, I woke up praying.  This has happened before—but not quite like this.  I was weeping hard enough to shake the bed. 

I had dreamed of a spiritual battle—one that caused me to feel the anguish of the hour.  I was in a  house praying loudly—the enemy was attacking—I could even feel the pressure and the presence—I remember waking up pleading the blood of Jesus over every situation that was possibly going on.  I don’t know if I woke Jeff—but I woke myself.  I was shaking when I left the bed to go to the bathroom.  I wasn’t sure what was going on—but I needed to pray more—and he needed to rest.

I’m not sure how long this went on—but this I know—as strong as the anguished attack came on me—the peace of God followed in a flood.

I remembered just now, when in Cambodia—something similar happening.

This morning, when I woke and the “prayers” were on my mind—I realized that the irritations that may have been felt by some—through various circumstances—took my mind—and possibly their mind off of “praying constantly” for the needs surrounding us.  We were in a foreign land—but God was not.

We were unable to communicate well with the people—but God was not.

We were occupied with the present…but God was not.

God was working on the future.  The future of the church there….and the future of each individual that came.

The future of both depends on prayer.  They will grow by prayer.  We will too.  But that is the VERY weapon the devil does not want us to use.  So he sends irritations and hindrances, and mind blowing circumstances to thwart our prayers—to cause us to doubt God’s goodness in all things.

If we stop praying FERVENTLY in tough situations—the enemy gains strength over us and in our lives.  The only way to stop him is with the Word of God—and prayer.  We can “talk about praying”…but it is the action that brings the results.

Please pray for these children.  There are lives that have a heavenly destination as a result of them being led by the Holy Spirit to give their lives to Christ this week—but they will need prayer to stay the course. 

As we draw nearer to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 3)—we must be more steadfast than ever before. 

They will be tempted and tried—as will we—to forget this trip.  To forget the decisions made.  To forget what God has brought about…pray that it is seed that remains and grows strong…until the coming of the LORD.

I’m closing this blog post for today—I know you are tired of reading—But I wanted to share one last thing.  When we were returning last night—several wanted to eat at the Cuban restaurant that we ate at on the way to Bolivia.  The food is great and the service is wonderful.  Maria was there –we were thrilled to see. 

As we were looking at the menus—she came over and took me by surprise – “Remember I pray for you before you go on your trip?  I want you to pray for me”.  Wow.

I didn’t have time to think up a fancy flowery prayer—I just asked her to sit in my chair and as I knelt down beside her I began to pray a simple prayer.—“God, thank You for Maria.  Thank You for leading us safely back here so that we could see our new friend again.  Thank You for our journey—thank You for the plans You have laid out for Maria’s life.  Thank You that You do all things well. You amaze us with the details. I ask Lord that You would watch over Maria, continue to bless and help her.  Guide her in the next steps of her life and let her know that You are taking great care of her family.  Help Maria have peace for her children.  Keep her walking in the direction You choose and bless her life.  In Jesus name we pray. Amen.”  

Maria, the hostess of Ku`vas at the Miami airport— took me completely by surprise—but not God.  The very fact that God orders our steps gives me confidence that this was one of His planned surprises.  For both me and Maria.

Today—if you don’t know the God we have been talking about –I invite you to pray this simple prayer…meant it with your whole heart—and follow the leading of His Son as He guides your every step.

Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that without You I can do nothing–and that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I am not able to change my life or circumstances through my own efforts. I realize that You provided a way for me to know You and live with You eternally through the sacrifice of Your only Son, Jesus Christ. I accept His gift of life fully–whole heartedly! Live in me–purifying my heart, mind and life with Your love. Show me how to live–directing my thoughts and my life from today forward. May I be found pleasing in Your sight. In Jesus Holy Name I pray. Amen.  (For more information and Scripture references, click here)

If you prayed that prayer—and would like to contact me, please feel free to email me— at

I pray that you will be encouraged in  your walk with Christ.  I cannot stress enough how short I feel we are on time…there are many lives to be shown the Way—and the days grow short and opportunity may not come but once for many.

Whether we are here 3 days—3 months or 3 years—only God knows.  Don’t wait another day to make a change—the change you make today can make a difference for someone else tomorrow.









Pam Pettis with Andrea.


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Remember Me…

They may not know English–but they know camera.

As we went about this week, many with camera’s slung around our necks–we could find young ones of all ages tugging on our arms…


What they were actually saying is….“Remember me”.

“Don’t forget me when you leave.

Remember I’m here.

I need Jesus too.

Pray for me.

I have needs.

I want heaven.

Memorize my face.

Dream about me.

Think of me when the wind blows hard.

Know that I am glad you came.

You made a difference.

Because of you…I found Christ.

Remember me…”

And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.  Luke 23:42

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Leaving Bolivia 2012

My son-in-law, David Pettis, reminded me tonight about what I’ve already struggled with and felt.  I’ve not kept you up-to-date as I normally do.  We assessed the situation this evening before going to dinner—it has been the long—L-o-n-g days.  That began early and ended well after midnight for all.

The heat has been a difficulty—but this bunch of missionaries have trooped onward without hesitation at any task assigned.DSCF0576

Yesterday was spent at the newly formed Teen Challenge.  I must say, for many reasons, that day was the most difficult for all.  Not only were we already tired—but we were missing our “little children” we had each grown to love and expect to see every day.  We’ll share more about that at the church when we get home.

On to the events of tonight.  Tonight was the goodbye night. 

The difficult night.

The night that this week of ministry has lead up to…and as Jeff and I sat with Pastor Joel at the table after the others had left, I could not keep my throat from tightening up with the emotion of what we saw transpire this week.  For all of us –it has been incredible.DSCF0784

Four words were spoken by Pastor Joel that caused my gut to tighten—as I have heard this in my spirit from the LORD for many months now…

“…We are losing time”

Yes, we are Pastor.  Many feel that same urgency.  Many choose not to feel—or if they do feel it—they quickly suffocate it with busyness—rather than seeking God for divine direction on how to win the lost.

Many churches would rather cut missions programs to ensure that activities can proceed.  I will stop right here and tell you—if that makes you uneasy—go ahead and as we say in the South, “shut-er-down”…meaning your computer.  Flip the switch, turn the page—I promise it won’t get easier.

God is not lightening up on me—and I will not lighten or brighten up this message to make you feel better. 

100_8540We are losing time.  Last night 3 youths from our home town area lost their lives in an accident.  Three mom’s lost sons.  Three families have broken hearts that will never be the same.  Oh, eventually, they will have a semblance of family time and activities again, but life the way it was last week—will never be again.

I can just imagine if those same three boys could speak to us today, they would quickly tell you, “don’t waste a single minute—Eternity is waiting”.

We each have one.  We have a decision to make—one way or the other—one place or the other—we will spend eternity somewhere.  Being a “good person” will not be enough when God calls us home—or if Christ returns before this blog is completely read by you…

John 3:16 was the focus of this week.

For God…

Because God—loved YOU and ME so much…


God was not coerced…His arm was not twisted…He was not given 3 choices…

He decided in advance—that sinners would need a Savior…and there was NO One able to be the sacrifice– but HIS only Son.

He GAVE…so that WHOEVER would believe on Him—accepting HIM as their personal Savior–

Each one of us a chance to do that—

He gave each of us a free will…the decision is ours alone.

Being raised in a good family—living in a nice town….going to a good school—or even a good church is not enough.

WE must make the decision on our own…to accept Christ as our Savior and have eternal life—or to reject Him and embrace eternal damnation.

By not accepting Jesus—we are rejecting Him.  Plain and simple.  No two ways about it—and as Bro. Shane Martin preached a few Sunday nights ago…there are only two roads….

One is easy and wide.  The other is difficult and narrow…and the Word says “FEW” will find it…

Why?  Because we are selfish.

We want “easy”.  We want smooth sailing.

We want our way.  Our money.  Our time.  Our pleasure.

Let others support missions.  Let others go.  Let others send.  Let others pray.

Tonight, as we sat there and Pastor Joel ask Jeff and I how he and his Bible Study group could pray for us…

We both said had the same answer.  We desire to follow God—be lead by His Spirit and have wisdom needed in the coming days, weeks, months, and if Christ should tarry, years to pour into those He puts in our path.

This week, we’ve had hundreds in our path that we could not speak their language.  Yet the Spirit of God enabled us to reach out and love them with HIS all surpassing love and presence.

We are each taking something home with us tomorrow.

A new vision.

A renewed purpose.

A passion to serve.

A willing heart to follow—wherever He may lead.

And as Kassi would say…. “You betta watch-out!”



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Additional photos from  Rene Parkhurst are copyright protected, used by permission.

A Real Happy Face

There is a certain smile that is more than just surface…

Sometimes we are preoccupied, and smile…with the surface–not that we don’t mean it—but many times I think my face gets there before my brain actually does. 

There are other times we are exhausted…and a similar smile peeks out from under our protective armor.  Just a surface smile—not really “all there”…and the smiler and the smilee doesn’t quite connect. (Two made up words)

I met a little girl last year, her name was Lisa.  She would not smile for any pictures–no matter how you coaxed, or said she was beautiful…or gave her candy.  No smiles from Lisa.

This year, she did smile

Along with Lisa’s smile, we have found hundreds more.

There is more that brings a smile than a new techno-gizmo. 

More than a McDonald’s visit…

More than allowance a day early…

When we gave them their very own Bible.

I loved this sight of watching them—so much so that I completely forgot to take the “first pictures” when they received their Bibles—but the smiles clung to their faces like the sun in the sky—and it was bright and beautiful enough to brighten any dark day for a long, long time!

This trip has been different than any I’ve been on. 

It was all about the people.



It wasn’t about work—other than the preachers all preaching daily—and the rest of us filling in where we were needed—(which was incredible at all times).

This was about reaching those who WANTED to know about Jesus—and giving them ALL the Good News we had brought.  It has been exciting. The other trips have been about the people as well…but this time there was a definite difference—it was about equipping those in ministry—and reaching the lost…with more than just candy or a toy. It’s about reaching them With LIFE.

I missed Tuesday because of something I ate Monday night—and I could just kick myself—but it couldn’t be helped…I didn’t want to go and hinder the work or the spirit of the team. I missed out on some great stuff—and as they have filled in—I will fill you in later. 🙂

Tonight was the first night we have gotten in early enough to pass out tracks…every other night this week—we’ve mostly passed out ourselves after a day in the village and then with Bro. Dallas preaching every night.  IT has been awesome.  I’ve thought about many of you.

I wondered what your reaction would be if you could hear their voices, see their smiles—have them touch your heart like they have ours.

Let me paint one picture for you and then I’ll go to sleep–

The day starts early—get up at 6 be down for breakfast by 7 and on the bus by 8.  And you can finagle that time any way you like as long as you are on the bus at 8.

Jeff will share a brief devotion—and you will listen to him while looking out the window at another world passing you by.  Sights, sounds, and sometimes smells.

After the longest hour in your life bus ride, you arrive at a brick church—which will continue to get a bit of work done to complete more and more of it from the locals. 

You will be greeted by a few scrawny dogs—some children and possibly a parent or two… you are greeted with the simple life of the village of Don Lorenzo.

The dust is blown into your eyes, up your nose and into your ears by the passing trucks, the blowing wind, or the motor bikes that pass continually.  (There was a road block staged and set up on another road to tax the drivers—so all traffic in the area was rerouted by the church).

Oh, and it’s hot.  Not as hot as Cambodia—but it’s a definite hot all the same…and we sweat…and stink like everyone else by the end of the day—so you dare not judge the smell of another, lest you get a whiff of yourself.

There is life pumping through the veins of this village—and this life has an eternity waiting…and God put—on purpose—the teaching—giving—building—sharing—and loving of this village upon us…those of us from Grace Assembly. 

AND not only did we play a part in the “building, teaching, preaching, giving, sharing” of those here—but every single person who helped GET US HERE are also part of HIS big plan.

There are over 500 kids from grades 1-12 in the school next to the church.  They all came from the dirt roads and lanes surrounding the area…and they are part of the veins of the life that keep the village going…

And they each have an eternal destination awaiting…just as we do.

This week—they have learned about that destination—the hindrances that will keep us from a home in heaven…and many have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

All because a church was built.

There is so much more to tell—and this is the FIRST time I’ve not been able to keep up with the writing end of the trip as often and as much as I wanted…and I do apologize to all the readers—I have posted a lot of pictures on my Facebook page—and have kept everyone updated as to what we were actually doing that day.

And I thank you all for praying.  You have prayed us here—prayed us safe and healthy—PLEASE keep it up—please keep praying—there are lives at stake this week—decisions to be made—some will be made based on the messages preached—taught or something as simple as a hug—or possibly because they were given a Gospel Track….life for us will not be the same…nor for them.

Tomorrow is our last full day here—and we will spend it in the town—and end with passing out more tracks tomorrow night.  We leave the hotel early Saturday—and begin our journey home…I hope to blog again before we leave…




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Giving LIFE

Thy Word is life…

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,10 But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:11 Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles.12 For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.13 Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 1:7-13

There is so much that God wants to do through the life and heart of every believer.  But we must search it out…

Let me share with you what happened on our Monday–we experienced the amazing grace of God.

We arrived at the school–for those of you who went last year–you would have especially loved this–there was some “new” tucked in among the “old” of the village.  Of course the road was just as long (maybe longer) and you could park a car in the pot holes.

As we drove past familiar sights and people on the side of the road, big grins broke out across their faces–and tears began to form in some of the eyes on the bus.  My son-in-law, David had something tucked in his hand and I knew what it was–but I tried to get a picture without him knowing–instead I had him open his hand.

He was ready.  He knew who would surround us when we got off the bus.

The faces that met us at the bus brought hot tears–and the sight of the church–brought a feeling of urgency to what we needed to do.  It seemed the village had grown.

I will post more pictures on Facebook–but you need to know about the day–

We had sang most of the way on the bus–the bus driver had never been to the village–and David had to do a bit of back seat driving…if he hadn’t –we might still be driving.  

As we sang–the presence of the LORD descended–even the bus driver felt it.  And he applauded.  It was neat–he didn’t know a smattering of English–yet he recognized songs–due to the tune–or either the presence of God that came with the words…

After they sang to us and welcomed us–many hugs, handshakes and kisses later, we began to unpack the puppet staging and curtains, the games and ministry tools.  Our Children’s Pastors, Bro. Chris and Sis. Tammy did an outstanding job of compiling the entire week of “kids ministry” for these kids and teens that had never before experienced it.

I asked our translator, Joel, if they ever had “Vacation Bible School” or something to that equivalent–and he shook his head “no”.  They have very little.

This week is about “equipping for ministry”, as we will leave the puppet stage and curtains, the puppets, games and necessary supplies to have children’s church each week!  A special thank you goes out to all our church family and friends who helped us gather all the necessary items before this trip.

While Jeff was putting together the puppet stage, the rest of us walked down to the school, where Jeff and Joel had checked before hand with the principal asking if we could bring New Testaments to distribute…A hearty “yes” was the answer!

Each class was filled with people who “wanted” the Word–they were excited–and it was an amazing feeling to watch the faces as they looked at, smelled of, and embraced the Word of God.

It was thrilling to say the least to watch–feel the feelings in the room–the excitement in the air…I cannot really describe it!

Sis. Pam was holding some full Bibles that we were giving the teachers–and the bus driver was noticing–he asked her, with hands folded in front of him, as if in prayer, if he might have one.  

The position of the hands got me when she described it…it was a “plead”…may I please have LIFE…

Throughout the day, as he stayed with us all day- I observed him reading–and with great reverence smoothing the pages–feeling the LIFE  under the palm of his hand….Life.  Jesus…He’s the Word.

We had over 230 kids and faculty from the school on Monday morning–and in the afternoon over 150.  The faculty even entered into the games with Chris and Tammy–

AND might I say–“Larry” was a hit–even though they might not get some of his humor–they got the fact he’s a nut!

Oh, I almost forgot–Kassi–one of our young adults in on her very first mission trip with us–it has been neat to observe her as she experiences MANY firsts…

(This was a note to her mom, to let her know she’s doing good.)

Thank you for your prayers–PLEASE keep it up–that NO ONE get’s a virus–or sick from food, etc.  I cannot stress how important that is…

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

YOU are NOT alone

Rene and I travel well together…we have talked about this trip for weeks…(and we are STILL talking about the last trip).  We share our mission minded hearts as often as possible…And JEFF is the cause of all of this!

I think Jeff went on his first mission trip in 1995.  He’s never been the same.  As often as possible he has participated on a working/building trip–and when he couldn’t go–he prayed and helped in other ways.

In 2009 I heard God call me on my first trip…it was to Tegucigalpa, Honduras…and it was life changing.

Soon my friend, Rene was ready for her first trip…and she too experienced the miraculous heart change–that will so redirect your whole life–and she will tell you quick today–“Girl, I will go every time God will open a door”.  My sentiments exactly, Rene.

Jeff has worked on this trip and had so MANY details worked out—yet there are always some unexpected things…like last year’s weather that caused a 5 hour layover to turn into an 8 hour layover in Miami Airport–several of us looked around for some of the Miami Vice characters, but they never showed up… (kidding)

Let me tell you about some fun stuff so far on this trip though…

An unexpected “GOOD surprise”.

A hostess from the airport restaurant named, Maria (I think) was there last year….and there again this year!  AND it was her birthday last year…and you guessed it…her birthday again this year…WOW.  We were there BOTH times…

She was feeling down and out about it…working on her birthday–no family there in Miami–and all of a sudden, friends who remembered her showed up to take up 12 chairs and shower on her some good old “Northwest Florida” love and fellowship.
Well, as the LORD would have it–she shared a bit of her heart and life with us–and I began to think–what in the world do I have in my bag that I could give her for a birthday gift…well, only one thing stuck out.

I had bought a beaded purple silk money holder/makeup holder this year in Cambodia–and had not used it yet.  Had kept it for a special occasion.

There was several reasons I decided this was the “special occasion time” to use it.  It was “purple”….and that precious color always makes me think of Wanda…which I had been doing all during the packing process.  So I thought I will just tuck a bit of Wanda by way of the color of purple in my bag.  I grabbed a couple of handkerchief’s–that also had Wanda written all over them–and I was set.  I put my passport and identification information securely inside the little purple hand bag–about the size of a check book cover.  

As I sat there enjoying my food–as was everyone at the table–I started feeling this “prompting”.

I hadn’t felt this particular prompting in a while…and wanted to be sure–I didn’t want to embarrass her–and I didn’t want to give away something that was special to me if I didn’t HAVE to….yeah–you caught me…being selfish…(and on a mission trip no less!)

So as I sat there, quietly emptying my little wallet without anyone knowing, I was mentally talking to God.  He gave me something in my heart to write on a little note, which I just happened to have in “purple notepads” in my bag…so I wrote out HIS script.

After I finished, I tucked the note inside and zipped it closed and waited for His “yes”.

I wanted to be sure–you know the enemy will tell you all sorts of crazy stuff–like, “the others will think you are being silly”…(which he did tell me that)…and “who do you think you are?  She doesn’t need some little purse thing from you…a stranger? Come on–get real.  You are a nobody”…. Yep, he said that too.

I continued to wait on God.

As we were finishing our meal–and I was quietly talking to God–Maria came up and stood behind Sister Pam and me, put her arms on our shoulders and leaned into the whole table of us and began,  “Lord, thank you for these friends–who YOU sent to me today to remind me that I am not alone….”

Well, of course my eyes filled up with the salty wet and overflowed, running what little bit of makeup I had left–when I heard Maria speak the very words I had put on the note and zipped up in the purse.


God does things like that….

He will use a nobody like me–to whisper His incredibly overwhelming love into the heart of a lonely mom…or sister…or brother.

Friend, He wants to use you too.

As you go about your day tomorrow…think of HIM and what HE desires of YOU…

So many people are a part of this trip because they were a BLESSING to one of us.  They gave with a heart full of love and unselfish desire to be used…

God used them…and by using them and their obedience–HE is blessing countless lives….a domino effect, if you will.

This team is about to experience God in an amazing way…

Pray for the ministry efforts tomorrow as Bro. Chris and Sis. Tammy lead us all in puppets, songs, games and Bible lessons for the children.

And–pray for Bro. Dallas, as he pours his heart out in message form for the people of the village each night at 7:00.  We are an hour ahead for our friends and family back home–so you know what time to be praying!

Thank you all for coming with us on this trip–it is going to be incredible–I know God is going to speak to a heart back home–

I can’t wait to show you all the church we were able to build last year –along with some incredible guys from New Life Fellowship- (we miss you all!), and this year we are doing “Kids Ministry” and going to be able to go into the school–give out Bibles and enable the church to bless the community and the school with all the supplies and things we brought for them!  THANK YOU ALL for your contributions!!!

Until tomorrow….

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

Today’s The Day

Grace Assembly 

We leave from here…in just a short while.

Going far to share HIS love with those who He has directed our path to cross.

We are going to tell others about HIM…His name…the power behind His name…the LOVE His name carries…the FREEDOM…

Yesterday I began my serious packing.  I had made my initial preparations–washing…ironing…deciding…but the real packing began yesterday.

As we finalized our baggage and items we were taking last night–I began to think of ALL the things He has shown me and the places we  (HE and I) have gone together… “Everywhere”….but I never went anywhere that He didn’t go FIRST and prepare the way and the place.

Behold, I send aAngel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.  Exodus 23:20 KJV

He’s already made the provision for this trip…for so many of this group–HE LITERALLY PAID THE WAY.  We are each thankful for every single contribution.    By your blessing us…we can be a blessing to others…and you are a part of the circle of HIS love.

I will post here every day–as internet activity is permitted–(Pray for that end).  Pray for the luggage…carrying over 500 copies of GOOD NEWS…pray for each member of the team–that they will experience a part of God’s vision that they never dreamed….Pray that HE places within EACH heart a fresh move of God that so captures our souls that we can no longer sit idly by and watch others work for Him…that we must MUST MUST find our place and work too…

There are 12 members of the team–and every single one was chosen by HIM for this journey.  There were others in the beginning…but it came down to this 12…and I KNOW HE has a purpose…

I want to leave you with a song for the road…I pray that it blesses your heart…as YOU realize FRESH today–YOU ARE HIS….and He has the plans and places all mapped out–walk in HIS truth.  

Trust HIM with all the details….

Follow HIM…..Today.

Bolivia…HERE WE COME! 

 © Angie Knight- The Knightly News