A Real Happy Face

There is a certain smile that is more than just surface…

Sometimes we are preoccupied, and smile…with the surface–not that we don’t mean it—but many times I think my face gets there before my brain actually does. 

There are other times we are exhausted…and a similar smile peeks out from under our protective armor.  Just a surface smile—not really “all there”…and the smiler and the smilee doesn’t quite connect. (Two made up words)

I met a little girl last year, her name was Lisa.  She would not smile for any pictures–no matter how you coaxed, or said she was beautiful…or gave her candy.  No smiles from Lisa.

This year, she did smile

Along with Lisa’s smile, we have found hundreds more.

There is more that brings a smile than a new techno-gizmo. 

More than a McDonald’s visit…

More than allowance a day early…

When we gave them their very own Bible.

I loved this sight of watching them—so much so that I completely forgot to take the “first pictures” when they received their Bibles—but the smiles clung to their faces like the sun in the sky—and it was bright and beautiful enough to brighten any dark day for a long, long time!

This trip has been different than any I’ve been on. 

It was all about the people.



It wasn’t about work—other than the preachers all preaching daily—and the rest of us filling in where we were needed—(which was incredible at all times).

This was about reaching those who WANTED to know about Jesus—and giving them ALL the Good News we had brought.  It has been exciting. The other trips have been about the people as well…but this time there was a definite difference—it was about equipping those in ministry—and reaching the lost…with more than just candy or a toy. It’s about reaching them With LIFE.

I missed Tuesday because of something I ate Monday night—and I could just kick myself—but it couldn’t be helped…I didn’t want to go and hinder the work or the spirit of the team. I missed out on some great stuff—and as they have filled in—I will fill you in later. 🙂

Tonight was the first night we have gotten in early enough to pass out tracks…every other night this week—we’ve mostly passed out ourselves after a day in the village and then with Bro. Dallas preaching every night.  IT has been awesome.  I’ve thought about many of you.

I wondered what your reaction would be if you could hear their voices, see their smiles—have them touch your heart like they have ours.

Let me paint one picture for you and then I’ll go to sleep–

The day starts early—get up at 6 be down for breakfast by 7 and on the bus by 8.  And you can finagle that time any way you like as long as you are on the bus at 8.

Jeff will share a brief devotion—and you will listen to him while looking out the window at another world passing you by.  Sights, sounds, and sometimes smells.

After the longest hour in your life bus ride, you arrive at a brick church—which will continue to get a bit of work done to complete more and more of it from the locals. 

You will be greeted by a few scrawny dogs—some children and possibly a parent or two… you are greeted with the simple life of the village of Don Lorenzo.

The dust is blown into your eyes, up your nose and into your ears by the passing trucks, the blowing wind, or the motor bikes that pass continually.  (There was a road block staged and set up on another road to tax the drivers—so all traffic in the area was rerouted by the church).

Oh, and it’s hot.  Not as hot as Cambodia—but it’s a definite hot all the same…and we sweat…and stink like everyone else by the end of the day—so you dare not judge the smell of another, lest you get a whiff of yourself.

There is life pumping through the veins of this village—and this life has an eternity waiting…and God put—on purpose—the teaching—giving—building—sharing—and loving of this village upon us…those of us from Grace Assembly. 

AND not only did we play a part in the “building, teaching, preaching, giving, sharing” of those here—but every single person who helped GET US HERE are also part of HIS big plan.

There are over 500 kids from grades 1-12 in the school next to the church.  They all came from the dirt roads and lanes surrounding the area…and they are part of the veins of the life that keep the village going…

And they each have an eternal destination awaiting…just as we do.

This week—they have learned about that destination—the hindrances that will keep us from a home in heaven…and many have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

All because a church was built.

There is so much more to tell—and this is the FIRST time I’ve not been able to keep up with the writing end of the trip as often and as much as I wanted…and I do apologize to all the readers—I have posted a lot of pictures on my Facebook page—and have kept everyone updated as to what we were actually doing that day.

And I thank you all for praying.  You have prayed us here—prayed us safe and healthy—PLEASE keep it up—please keep praying—there are lives at stake this week—decisions to be made—some will be made based on the messages preached—taught or something as simple as a hug—or possibly because they were given a Gospel Track….life for us will not be the same…nor for them.

Tomorrow is our last full day here—and we will spend it in the town—and end with passing out more tracks tomorrow night.  We leave the hotel early Saturday—and begin our journey home…I hope to blog again before we leave…




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