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YOU are NOT alone

Rene and I travel well together…we have talked about this trip for weeks…(and we are STILL talking about the last trip).  We share our mission minded hearts as often as possible…And JEFF is the cause of all of this!

I think Jeff went on his first mission trip in 1995.  He’s never been the same.  As often as possible he has participated on a working/building trip–and when he couldn’t go–he prayed and helped in other ways.

In 2009 I heard God call me on my first trip…it was to Tegucigalpa, Honduras…and it was life changing.

Soon my friend, Rene was ready for her first trip…and she too experienced the miraculous heart change–that will so redirect your whole life–and she will tell you quick today–“Girl, I will go every time God will open a door”.  My sentiments exactly, Rene.

Jeff has worked on this trip and had so MANY details worked out—yet there are always some unexpected things…like last year’s weather that caused a 5 hour layover to turn into an 8 hour layover in Miami Airport–several of us looked around for some of the Miami Vice characters, but they never showed up… (kidding)

Let me tell you about some fun stuff so far on this trip though…

An unexpected “GOOD surprise”.

A hostess from the airport restaurant named, Maria (I think) was there last year….and there again this year!  AND it was her birthday last year…and you guessed it…her birthday again this year…WOW.  We were there BOTH times…

She was feeling down and out about it…working on her birthday–no family there in Miami–and all of a sudden, friends who remembered her showed up to take up 12 chairs and shower on her some good old “Northwest Florida” love and fellowship.
Well, as the LORD would have it–she shared a bit of her heart and life with us–and I began to think–what in the world do I have in my bag that I could give her for a birthday gift…well, only one thing stuck out.

I had bought a beaded purple silk money holder/makeup holder this year in Cambodia–and had not used it yet.  Had kept it for a special occasion.

There was several reasons I decided this was the “special occasion time” to use it.  It was “purple”….and that precious color always makes me think of Wanda…which I had been doing all during the packing process.  So I thought I will just tuck a bit of Wanda by way of the color of purple in my bag.  I grabbed a couple of handkerchief’s–that also had Wanda written all over them–and I was set.  I put my passport and identification information securely inside the little purple hand bag–about the size of a check book cover.  

As I sat there enjoying my food–as was everyone at the table–I started feeling this “prompting”.

I hadn’t felt this particular prompting in a while…and wanted to be sure–I didn’t want to embarrass her–and I didn’t want to give away something that was special to me if I didn’t HAVE to….yeah–you caught me…being selfish…(and on a mission trip no less!)

So as I sat there, quietly emptying my little wallet without anyone knowing, I was mentally talking to God.  He gave me something in my heart to write on a little note, which I just happened to have in “purple notepads” in my bag…so I wrote out HIS script.

After I finished, I tucked the note inside and zipped it closed and waited for His “yes”.

I wanted to be sure–you know the enemy will tell you all sorts of crazy stuff–like, “the others will think you are being silly”…(which he did tell me that)…and “who do you think you are?  She doesn’t need some little purse thing from you…a stranger? Come on–get real.  You are a nobody”…. Yep, he said that too.

I continued to wait on God.

As we were finishing our meal–and I was quietly talking to God–Maria came up and stood behind Sister Pam and me, put her arms on our shoulders and leaned into the whole table of us and began,  “Lord, thank you for these friends–who YOU sent to me today to remind me that I am not alone….”

Well, of course my eyes filled up with the salty wet and overflowed, running what little bit of makeup I had left–when I heard Maria speak the very words I had put on the note and zipped up in the purse.


God does things like that….

He will use a nobody like me–to whisper His incredibly overwhelming love into the heart of a lonely mom…or sister…or brother.

Friend, He wants to use you too.

As you go about your day tomorrow…think of HIM and what HE desires of YOU…

So many people are a part of this trip because they were a BLESSING to one of us.  They gave with a heart full of love and unselfish desire to be used…

God used them…and by using them and their obedience–HE is blessing countless lives….a domino effect, if you will.

This team is about to experience God in an amazing way…

Pray for the ministry efforts tomorrow as Bro. Chris and Sis. Tammy lead us all in puppets, songs, games and Bible lessons for the children.

And–pray for Bro. Dallas, as he pours his heart out in message form for the people of the village each night at 7:00.  We are an hour ahead for our friends and family back home–so you know what time to be praying!

Thank you all for coming with us on this trip–it is going to be incredible–I know God is going to speak to a heart back home–

I can’t wait to show you all the church we were able to build last year –along with some incredible guys from New Life Fellowship- (we miss you all!), and this year we are doing “Kids Ministry” and going to be able to go into the school–give out Bibles and enable the church to bless the community and the school with all the supplies and things we brought for them!  THANK YOU ALL for your contributions!!!

Until tomorrow….

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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