Today’s The Day

Grace Assembly 

We leave from here…in just a short while.

Going far to share HIS love with those who He has directed our path to cross.

We are going to tell others about HIM…His name…the power behind His name…the LOVE His name carries…the FREEDOM…

Yesterday I began my serious packing.  I had made my initial preparations–washing…ironing…deciding…but the real packing began yesterday.

As we finalized our baggage and items we were taking last night–I began to think of ALL the things He has shown me and the places we  (HE and I) have gone together… “Everywhere”….but I never went anywhere that He didn’t go FIRST and prepare the way and the place.

Behold, I send aAngel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.  Exodus 23:20 KJV

He’s already made the provision for this trip…for so many of this group–HE LITERALLY PAID THE WAY.  We are each thankful for every single contribution.    By your blessing us…we can be a blessing to others…and you are a part of the circle of HIS love.

I will post here every day–as internet activity is permitted–(Pray for that end).  Pray for the luggage…carrying over 500 copies of GOOD NEWS…pray for each member of the team–that they will experience a part of God’s vision that they never dreamed….Pray that HE places within EACH heart a fresh move of God that so captures our souls that we can no longer sit idly by and watch others work for Him…that we must MUST MUST find our place and work too…

There are 12 members of the team–and every single one was chosen by HIM for this journey.  There were others in the beginning…but it came down to this 12…and I KNOW HE has a purpose…

I want to leave you with a song for the road…I pray that it blesses your heart…as YOU realize FRESH today–YOU ARE HIS….and He has the plans and places all mapped out–walk in HIS truth.  

Trust HIM with all the details….

Follow HIM…..Today.

Bolivia…HERE WE COME! 

 © Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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