Cambodia, Mission Trip

Life Update…or Reboot?

A few changes have taken place since arriving home from Bolivia…

Computer issues…mine in my office needed some updates…and then a reboot…

Otherwise it would have not operated at it’s highest potential…

Other changes and updates….

  1. In the wee hours of the morning, when we arrived home, I walked into the most gorgeous hardwood floor in my living room, thanks to Guy Tatum and Jerry Hicks– 
  2. The next Monday, my darlin’ sweet precious man, along with Guy and Jerry completed the job by doing the kitchen!  I am blessed.
  3. I came home with the feeling of “get-‘er-done”… It is a feeling of “whatever You have for us to do LORD, we want to be found doing it.  I believe that is what we are doing.
All this week–in every spare minute,  I’ve worked on the slide show for Sunday night–not wanting to leave out a single important detail–or precious face..(and HOW do you choose from over 2000 pictures I just WANT TO KNOW!)–We will also have a brief power point as the team members share a testimony–which, one young lady has already started trying to “get out of speaking”.  
If she only knew what I know.  
The first time you open your mouth to share all that God revealed or exposed you to–YOU can’t seem to shut-up about it….or, maybe that was just me.
I LOVE mission work–it causes me to so examine my heart and life as never before.  
I believe that one a month would do some a world of good (I know it would ME!)…as it would keep our hearts on the things that REALLY matter….
It’s not the carpet color …or the hedges that need trimming…or the car that you get stuck behind that is poking along….
It’s those dark brown eyes that has seen for the first time someone new
different–but same– 
Who came across a BIG POND, to hug and love them and tell them that Jesus loves them–that Jesus Christ died on a cross–so that they could have LIFE everlasting…
That’s what matters.
Not the sister–so-and-so who didn’t smile and greet you like you thought they should…

get a grip.  
There are little children that are left to fend for themselves every single day…
and parents who stand their dressed up 4 year old daughter on a street corner with a CD player and a tin can for the coins that are dropped in as she “dances”…(Saw it last year, saw it again this year–just a different little girl)
What do you think that little girl is learning from that experience?  Sex slavery is rampant in many countries…and many eyes close to how it begins.
We do similar things here–stop and think for just a minute all the times TV has filled in for mommy and daddy’s time and attention…
We fed some little boys their first peanut butter and jelly sandwich–I know we did–because they didn’t know what to do with it when we handed it to them.  We had the same experience in Cambodia when we made them ham/cheese sandwiches…
I love experiencing life as God directs me to leave my comfort zone
He always shows me something I don’t expect…this time was no different.  (I’m STILL dealing with and processing what He showed me…)
As a matter of fact–He shows up and shows me something NEW every morning.
There are just many mornings that my mind–heart and sight is set on other things. 

“Oh, LORD, bring my focus back to the things that matter to YOU…every moment of the day.  Not just on mission trips…but in my every day life.
Let me not grow stale or stagnant….stagnant stinks.  Stagnant is not anything ANYONE wants to drink from…but LORD, let me have that Water of LIFE everlasting…and ever FILLING for those who seek YOU…You alone are the Life giving drink…fill me so that I can pour out on others…”

What are the updates going on in YOUR life? Is it time to “reboot”?
One day, maybe you and I can sit down and share about all the things that weigh YOU down…and I’ll fix you a drink of fresh–clear–clean Water.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News (All pictures are copyright protected–if you would like one, please ask.)
  (2 middle pictures are from Rene Parkhurst)

2 thoughts on “Life Update…or Reboot?”

  1. Beautiful reflections, Angie…they make me realize I do need a reboot…my life has been somewhat sluggish lately…too many “unimportant” crowding out room for the “important”…thanks for the reminder to focus….

  2. Hello Angie,
    My name is Ginger Wade of Here's My Cup I just wanted to thank you for sending me your beautiful T-shirt on behalf of Sunflower Faith. What a blessing.

    I have read your story, and I am blessed to be a part of it through this very special gift from a wonderful friend. You have a very nice blog. These pictures speak for themselves.

    It is so nice to meet you.


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