Leaving Bolivia 2012

My son-in-law, David Pettis, reminded me tonight about what I’ve already struggled with and felt.  I’ve not kept you up-to-date as I normally do.  We assessed the situation this evening before going to dinner—it has been the long—L-o-n-g days.  That began early and ended well after midnight for all.

The heat has been a difficulty—but this bunch of missionaries have trooped onward without hesitation at any task assigned.DSCF0576

Yesterday was spent at the newly formed Teen Challenge.  I must say, for many reasons, that day was the most difficult for all.  Not only were we already tired—but we were missing our “little children” we had each grown to love and expect to see every day.  We’ll share more about that at the church when we get home.

On to the events of tonight.  Tonight was the goodbye night. 

The difficult night.

The night that this week of ministry has lead up to…and as Jeff and I sat with Pastor Joel at the table after the others had left, I could not keep my throat from tightening up with the emotion of what we saw transpire this week.  For all of us –it has been incredible.DSCF0784

Four words were spoken by Pastor Joel that caused my gut to tighten—as I have heard this in my spirit from the LORD for many months now…

“…We are losing time”

Yes, we are Pastor.  Many feel that same urgency.  Many choose not to feel—or if they do feel it—they quickly suffocate it with busyness—rather than seeking God for divine direction on how to win the lost.

Many churches would rather cut missions programs to ensure that activities can proceed.  I will stop right here and tell you—if that makes you uneasy—go ahead and as we say in the South, “shut-er-down”…meaning your computer.  Flip the switch, turn the page—I promise it won’t get easier.

God is not lightening up on me—and I will not lighten or brighten up this message to make you feel better. 

100_8540We are losing time.  Last night 3 youths from our home town area lost their lives in an accident.  Three mom’s lost sons.  Three families have broken hearts that will never be the same.  Oh, eventually, they will have a semblance of family time and activities again, but life the way it was last week—will never be again.

I can just imagine if those same three boys could speak to us today, they would quickly tell you, “don’t waste a single minute—Eternity is waiting”.

We each have one.  We have a decision to make—one way or the other—one place or the other—we will spend eternity somewhere.  Being a “good person” will not be enough when God calls us home—or if Christ returns before this blog is completely read by you…

John 3:16 was the focus of this week.

For God…

Because God—loved YOU and ME so much…


God was not coerced…His arm was not twisted…He was not given 3 choices…

He decided in advance—that sinners would need a Savior…and there was NO One able to be the sacrifice– but HIS only Son.

He GAVE…so that WHOEVER would believe on Him—accepting HIM as their personal Savior–

Each one of us a chance to do that—

He gave each of us a free will…the decision is ours alone.

Being raised in a good family—living in a nice town….going to a good school—or even a good church is not enough.

WE must make the decision on our own…to accept Christ as our Savior and have eternal life—or to reject Him and embrace eternal damnation.

By not accepting Jesus—we are rejecting Him.  Plain and simple.  No two ways about it—and as Bro. Shane Martin preached a few Sunday nights ago…there are only two roads….

One is easy and wide.  The other is difficult and narrow…and the Word says “FEW” will find it…

Why?  Because we are selfish.

We want “easy”.  We want smooth sailing.

We want our way.  Our money.  Our time.  Our pleasure.

Let others support missions.  Let others go.  Let others send.  Let others pray.

Tonight, as we sat there and Pastor Joel ask Jeff and I how he and his Bible Study group could pray for us…

We both said had the same answer.  We desire to follow God—be lead by His Spirit and have wisdom needed in the coming days, weeks, months, and if Christ should tarry, years to pour into those He puts in our path.

This week, we’ve had hundreds in our path that we could not speak their language.  Yet the Spirit of God enabled us to reach out and love them with HIS all surpassing love and presence.

We are each taking something home with us tomorrow.

A new vision.

A renewed purpose.

A passion to serve.

A willing heart to follow—wherever He may lead.

And as Kassi would say…. “You betta watch-out!”

© Angie Knight.  All rights reserved.  All photos are copyright protected.

Additional photos from  Rene Parkhurst are copyright protected, used by permission.

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