A NEW Blogger Among US!

We have a NEW blogger among us and HE IS HAVING A GIVEAWAY!!! YOU must go check him out!
He is the Children’s Pastor at Carmel A/G and I promise you will have a GREAT time visiting and getting to know him!

I am helping him get started, but I can already see–that HE will be running through this and meeting all of you and having a GREAT time with blogging before we land in the United States! 😉
His bloggy house is: Adventures with Aaron
Go check him out! and BE SURE you tell the fellow that I sent you over there! I am helping direct traffic for his FIRST giveaway!  (It will be a great one!)

On another note….we are headed to the Center for our last day with the children.  I already have the butterflies of emotions rolling around my heart and stomach (not something I ate) about saying goodbye.  I know it will be emotional, and we will all ride back to the hotel with wet eyes.  God has been so faithful and good to us this week.  I have so much more to tell and share with you, but much of it causes tears to flow, so I will have to take that journey slowly.

You all are so great to pray for us, thank you.  Thank you for sharing this journey with us.  My friend from Dothan, Lisa gave me a shoe sized scripture that I tucked underneath the insole of my tennis shoe.  Lisa, the scripture is still there, has carried my body through this journey of faith–and I leave those shoes, scripture intact with Carlos.  His toes were sticking out of his shoes when we met him.  Broke my heart.  We are all leaving a piece of ourselves with these awesome people.  Thank you to all of our sponsors who made this a possibility!  God will reward your faithful hearts!  This is something I prayed about participating in and GOD gave me the desire of my heart!

When our desires line up with HIS….it happens every time….in HIS time.

Have a blessed Thursday.  Pray for our team.  I love you all so much!


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6 responses to “A NEW Blogger Among US!

  • Karen

    A big welcome to Aaron! Heading over there now…

    I can imagine the “goodbyes” will be bittersweet…what memories you will bring home…and such blessings you will leave behind…the seeds you all have planted…will grow beautifully….

  • suki

    I have followed your blog all week long. I am praying for ya'll… thank you for sharing with us.. you all have planted a mighty seed for Gods kingdom!!! give Carlos a hug and kiss from .. love ya'll and have a safe journey home!!

  • LisaShaw

    I continue to pray for all of you even now…

    I'm sure the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY was glorified in all that each of you poured out by His will, grace and power!

    Praying for Carlos. Praying for all.

    Praise the LORD!

    Much love!

  • Denise

    Prayers continue for your group, love you sis.

  • Aaron

    Aunt Angie,

    Thanks so much for encouraging people to check out my new blog, and helping me really get it off the ground! You are the best! :)…I can already tell how awesome a ministryi opportunity this is going to be! I am so glad I am now a part! I love you much! IT has been amazing to spend your first missions trip with you! I believe we have truly made a difference in this nation, that will only be known in it's full glory when we are all gathered in Heaven, standing beside the lives we touched this week! What an amazing thought!


  • eph2810

    Oh, Angie, what an incredible adventure you and your team is on. You are right, when our desires line up with His, things will happen.

    Praying for a safe journey back to the states.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

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