Last Look At Honduras

On Wednesday night, we had supper by the pool.  A pizza party with our translators, Belkis and Kelyn, and the Honduran Country Coordinator for Mission of Mercy, Tony.  I cannot begin to describe the incredible blessing and the impact these three individuals had on our lives and what they give of themselves daily for Jesus Christ.  We will never be the same.

It will be a long time before I brush my teeth without thinking of Honduras.  Since we could not use the sink water, we used bottled water–because our bodies are not acclimated to their water–we would become very sick.  I will admit we did have a bit of sickness, but nothing that kept us from functioning.  Thankfully, the sickness that hit me, Pastor Tommy, and Aaron did not strike until the last night there.  I was just dreading the plane ride, not knowing how far I would be from the bathroom.  Eewww.

But God.  Once again He was on the scene and administered healing to each of us.  We made it home–without incident–or accident. 🙂

Enjoy the last “slide show” from the trip.  I will use many of these pictures for future blogs–as devotions and stories are already forming in my head.  I have a feeling that as our team reflects back to conversations, hugs and kisses from this trip, there will be tears shed, as there are every time I look at them.

Thank you all for your prayers.  They were felt.  Friday morning when I was so sick, I began to pray for God to WAKE someone up to pray for me.  If you woke and prayed for me, thank you.  We are home safe and sound!

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