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The morning started early.  I was awake before 4.  Thinking, praying, wondering what the day would bring.

Little did I know before my feet hit the floor of the life changes that would take place in all of us “first timers” today.  First time on a mission trip.  I wasn’t prepared for the tears the burned–and spilled.  Jeff has been on a few missions trips—but he never warned me about the feeling you get when you look in the eyes of a child and want to help, but realize your limitations.

This little boy’s name is Erwin.  He has no sponsor.  When I first saw Erwin, he held his little hand out to me, “hola!” and then smiled big.  I shook his hand and thought how much he reminded me of my sweet boys back home.

A little while later, as the children began to gather, curious to all the happenings and the activity taking place in the church–Erwin went to the door.  He was told something in Spanish by the adult tutors standing at the door assisting the “sponsored” children inside and Erwin walked over toward the end of the church.  Standing on the outside–looking longingly with full eyes at the little children filing in.

He tries one more time.  Again, he is turned away.  “You have no sponsor”, they are sometimes told.  I’m not certain what he was told today, but as he walked away, his shoulders sagged, his head bent and he looked out at all of us–busy with our own activity.  But I saw Erwin begin to cry–and my heart burned within me.  “I want that child!”  I cried in my heart.  I turned my head so no one would see my face and went to find out what we could do to get him in today. 

I’m not sure who did what, but Erwin was allowed in today.  He was so happy.  He and so many others hugged and thanked us for our “time” today.  And the songs, the music, the crafts and hugs….but it was the time that meant so much to them.

This reminded me of something when I saw little Erwin standing outside.  If you ever want to come in and fellowship with Jesus…there is no waiting outside.  The door is always open.  He never tells us “you have no sponsor”.  Our Sponsor gave His very life….and we have complete access to His presence…every-single-day.

If you want to find out how you could help sponsor a child, or even give a one time donation, please visit Mission of Mercy and lend your heart and hands.  I never dreamed it would feel this way to actually see these little ones and shake their hands–touch their faces and know that as Pastor Tommy says, “they will still be here after we go home–we need to make a difference in every way we can.”

Thanks for stopping by today–we are tired–or I would write more!  I will post more tomorrow.  Pray for the services tomorrow and the home visits next week.   Sister Rese preached a great message today to the mothers, 7 gave their hearts to Jesus–and we had several come forward for special prayer.  I will post those pictures tomorrow.

Pray for all of us.  Strength, safety and for the anointing of God to flow!
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First Slide Show…but much more to tell

There is a story behind MANY of these pictures….give me time. I will get the story out.  There were many tears shed this morning when I got there.  A little boy captured my heart–he reminded me so much of our grandson, Zackary. 

Then there were the little girls that just want to hug you.  And the little hands that were extended for us to shake.  “hola!”  They said. 

So please look at these, share them with a friend…and I will come back and tell you some more of what God did in the service we had today with the ladies! It was awesome….

(a hint…7 gave their hearts to Jesus!)



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Good Morning Tay Goo See Gawl Puh

Or something like that.
Today we will be going to the Child Development Center with our leader from Mission of Mercy.  (Tony)
(Pictured with Pastor Tommy Moore)
This was from last night’s supper meal–very good food!
And would you believe it? There are SISTERS OF FAITH here! 🙂
Stephanie Powell, Krystal Zepp, me and Marcella Scurlock
Today we will be painting, doing ministry with the moms and children.
AFTER we walk up the rear-end busting hill!  I will take a picture…it would be impossible in the rain as all the dirt looks like Holmes County CLAY.
We won’t talk about the stuff….we found in the road….eeewww.
So, we will be back on here this evening…Lord willing and the internet continues to hold! 🙂
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