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Honduras Slide Show-Day One

I know you wish I would stop. Sorry—I don’t seem to be able to!

We are about to go to supper–in a nice place to eat…with air conditioning…

and the little children you see here won’t.

They won’t sit at a nice table and eat.

They won’t enjoy air conditioning.

They will probably go to bed and sleep without a full tummy. 

My eyes filled and I did my best to hide it when I first saw the little children beside the road.  And then, there were two little girls, who looking through the bars at us in the Child Development Center had such sweetness about them, and curiosity.  I hope they come back tomorrow.

Some of you KNOW what I feel.  Some of you have been in places like this.  But this is my first time.

I will be forever changed.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.  My changed heart thanks you.


P.S.  No one is sick—Tommy, Rese, Aaron and Clarisa are doing great–and so is Timothy (Tim) and Brittany too 🙂  AND John David.  Just for those who I KNOW are sitting at home and wondering!

IF there is anything YOU want to know, ask them on facebook (or me) and we will try to post it for you!

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Mission of Mercy


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As we BEGAN our descent

Yes! They have a BURGER KING!

Pictured: Me, Aaron Moore and Krystal Zepp

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Tegucigalpa Honduras –HERE we are!

These kids know how to use their time wisely. There were some sleeping..but we won’t name names….and some “computerizing” while waiting on our flight to Houston. Spirits were good–we’ve been up since —well, some never went to bed.

This is –of course yours truly. My first plane ride. My first Mission trip. My first of several things. My first ginger ale on a plane. My first preztles on a plane. My first breakfast on a plane.

Okay. I’ll stop there.

This trip is NOT about me…but all about God and what HE has done in pulling this group together and what HE will do while we are HERE!

And about what we take with us…in our hearts.  The view from my window was awesome. God loved me enough since I’ve never been on a plane, He knew I wanted–really desired a window seat!

Y’all! I got one on both flights!

We will talk about the landing when it’s not so fresh on my mind. The one in Houston was a piece of cake! I loved it! I wanted to holler–let’s do it again!

But…uhmmm. I didn’t have those same feelings when we landed in Tegucigalpa Honduras. But hey. We are here!

I’ve already shot many pictures on our way to the Child Development Center where we will work tomorrow….but I will have to post them later tonight.

I have to tell you…I found a job I would NOT want.


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