First Time Mission Interview (4)

 Honduras 2010-Sunday 177

John David, What was the first thing that made an impression on you?

The living conditions of the people.  Houses are hanging off the sides of the mountains, built with block walls and tin roofs, living in one or two room homes.  And this is how almost everyone lives.

What have you experienced that has been life changing for you?

All of the children had an impact on me, but there were four particular that are going to be on my mind forever.  I come from such an amazing home life, and none of these did.  It obviously made me thankful for what I have, but it also really broke my heart for the children.  Their faces will appear in my mind every time I go to pray.

Do you feel God speaking specifically to any area of your life?

What God has really revealed to me through this experience is that any work for the kingdom, whether painting walls or preaching sermons, is important and it’s going to not only bless others, but be a blessing to you as well.

What would you say to someone undecided about a mission trip?

Go.  No questions asked.  Unless you feel it is against God’s will for you, you need to have the experience of going on the mission field and seeing what God does in your life.  You’ll be astonished.

How will this affect your missions giving and how has this affected your perception of a missionary? 

Before I left on the trip, I started sponsoring a child with my friend, Brittany.  Now, after I’ve been able to the that child, along with countless others, I realize just how important missions giving is.  I’ve always had a heart for missions, but it has grown so much bigger now!  My giving will definitely increase.

I respect the missionaries so much.  Through my aunt who was a missionary and my sister who is becoming one, I’ve always considered them special people, but now it hits even closer to home.

Would you do it again?

Anytime, anywhere.  But especially Honduras.  I’m in love.

John David, is there anything you want to say to your fellow laborers?

I love all of you so much!  I wasn’t close to many of the people on the trip before we left, but now I consider them all friends!  We laugh so much I keep getting scared we’ll get kicked out of the hotel!

Gracias John David!

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3 responses to “First Time Mission Interview (4)

  • Karen

    What a blessing you are, John David!

  • Donetta

    Hello Girl
    I love all these post how wonderful to gain the freedom of humility
    Going to Russia changed me for ever. WE ARE SO STINKIN” RICH!

    How wonderful it is to teach that and to pass on the appreciation that we need to rejoice and praise and receive with a grateful heart all or as little as we may have. Sharing without white knuckle. Be safe have a wonderful trip home,
    love you sweet pea

  • Denise

    Be blessed John David, as you bless others.

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