First Time Mission Interview (3)

Honduras 2010-Saturday 007 Timothy, what was the first thing that made an impression on you?

As we approached Tegucigalpa, I noticed the housing.  That really hit me as sad.  I can’t believe that  people actually live with so little.

What have you experienced that has been life changing for you?

Sunday afternoon the Holy Spirit moved like I have never before felt! I had no idea what was being sang and still God moved.  I will take that back to the States!

Do you feel God speaking specifically to any area of your life?


What would you say to someone undecided about a mission trip?

Go.  It’s one of the most amazing ways to get closer to God.

How will this affect your missions giving and how has this affected your perception of a missionary?

Well now that I have a hand on experience with missions, I would love to be able to help more.  At this point in time, I have not job so I can’t really help financially.  I now realize how much they work and I have always respected it, but now I see the stuff they see everyday and how much they go through physically and mentally.

Would you do it again?

Most definitely!

Timothy, is there anything you want to say to your fellow laborers?

I have really enjoyed this trip and have had an amazing crew to be with on my first trip!

Gracias Timothy!

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