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Bloggers Retreat Commercial!

Excuse our corny-country commercial…but the point is “get yourself ready” for the Bloggers Retreat 2009!

Girls, I know by now you may have had to run to the potty —or you may have had an accident. Trust me. Aimee is the funniest sister and friend to be around—I am so blessed!

We are going to have a blast of a good time! I need y’all to pray though. ~~~ If Aimee tries to take that big suitcase full of shoes to the retreat…she will be late for EVERY SINGLE class! (She has a difficult time making up her mind!)

If you are having trouble deciding on whether or not to pinch the pennies to come—grab some girfriends, make it a road trip!

Aimee and I forked over 5 times the amount (remember I sold furniture to go) to attend the She Speaks last year! I LOVED the She Speaks! I promise you will have a good time here! Worshiping, learning, fellowshipping, singing, eating, praying, praising, and on and on! You’ll make some new friends—and get to visit in REAL LIFE with your blogging sistas!!

We look forward to seeing you in October! Register now for the early bird special!!! It ends July 1!!! ($25 off !!!)


11 thoughts on “Bloggers Retreat Commercial!”

  1. I think you need to add a discussion group to our .ning – something like the top 10 things you can sell so you can come to the retreat, or ways to make a fortune @ making infomericals.

    Love you!

  2. You know already that you all had me cracking up! I loved it and posted it on my facebook. I'm about to put it on twitter as a link back to your blog.

    I'll also add the link on my blogs.

    Love ya'll. I've been hanging out with ya'll already way too much because I'm saying ya'll and I'm a New Yorker to the bone (smile).

  3. Mother–I love the video! Hilarious!!!!!!! I can't wait until October! The B.R. is going to be so much fun! I have already registered!! –Love you!!!

  4. We can't help but be goofy sometimes! *grinning*

    We loved doing it—believe it or not, we did it on the first take. No practice—*grinning bigger* I KNOW you all can believe it—due to it's cornyness!

    It was great fun though! THAT is exactly the kind of good time we will have!

    YAHOOOOO for Donetta! You are doing the best thing—

    Lisa—I love yous New Yorker bones! (do they say yous in NY???) I don't know. But y'all is real safe—and you do a great job with it!

    Amy—I just want to know what's stoppin' ya?? You are not that far! Grab Darnelle and a few more and come on down! (whoever you can find 🙂

    Denise—I cannot WAIT to hug your neck!

    Bernadine–Karen…I wish you girls were gonna be with us!

    Marsha-Tiffany—I may have scared the rest of them off with our country-corny selves!

    Weezie! I love you my sweet baby girl! (I am glad you registered…early—you are sure to get a good seat 🙂

    ROAD TRIP girls!!!! That's all I'm sayin' ROAD TRIP!~

  5. How precius. I'm still smiling ear to ear. Your southern twang and draw. I love, love, love how Aimee gave you the loser sign. I think we are soul mates…we were separated at birth. I didn't think any other adult human being did the “L” loser sign. For that matter, I didn't think kids did it anymore. I do it ALL the time. In jest!!!

    I love the shoes you had on..those heely black flops. cutie!
    Love ya,

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