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Bloggers RETREAT NEWS!!!!

If you are like me—you LOVE getting to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while and catch up on the happenings of their lives—and what the LORD is doing in their heart—what their passion is all about—and you love to hear their voices when they are EXCITED about what they are sharing!

Well, have I got some treats for you:

The bloggers Retreat info is up at the new site! Go here to read the details! We’ve already been getting registration info in and we are PUMPED!

    One of the seven speakers is a dear woman of EXTREME faith and she is going to share a little bit on a VIDEO blog about her passion for Jesus and her excitement about the coming retreat! I cannot wait to hug her neck! She is a true sister of faith! Be sure you visit Lisa Shaw!
    I KNOW without a doubt this will be one major life changing event—We are praying, believing and fighting off the enemy of our lives all at the same time! The praying IS happening –but the fighting can be tough, but we are holding up one another and the LORD is hearing and answering! WITH strength-power-passion to continue on!
    FINALLY, Marsha-of Marsha’s Musings is having a blast off give-away for the RETREAT! It’s a writing contest and it will be GREAT fun! Be sure you visit her and read the directions carefully so you can enter to win!!
    I encourage each of you to visit these ladies—and pray about the retreat—if you would like to come —seek HIM for the way! Last year—I knew there was NO possible way outside a miracle for me to attend the She Speaks Conference—and the registration fees were almost $500 last year—BUT I REALLY felt the LORD lead me in that direction—and although I had no money to go—I prayed—and sought His divine will and plan.

    In just a few days the thought came to me—“sell that “chippendale sofa” and those two sweet chairs! That will be your “way”.

    Girls, I loved my little chippendale sofa—it was from the Hickroy Hill Furniture company! Even though I bought it second hand…I LOVED it. Sure no one was allowed to sit on it….except “company”….sure I got upset when the boys jumped on it!—but sell it???? ARE YOU SURE LORD???

    I mean—I really want to go…but are you sure this is the ‘way’ to get there?
    Yes. He was sure.
    If you can possible ignore the absolutely adorable chubby boy and look at the pretty sofa…very prissy sofa—but no one enjoyed it—except maybe me on a Sunday afternoon…for a nap.
    So, I apologized for questioning HIM and sold the sofa and chairs –lickety-split…for the exact amount for registration. Yes, I could have gotten more for all of it—Sofa, 2 Chairs, and one really awesome burl-wood top antique table with pretty pull-out trays for your tea cup….yeah. I know. But hey, that’s what He said and that’s what I did. No more than that.
    What I got in return was the most incredible two days of my life! Aimee and I went together and we had the best time—meeting some terrific women—following the same path—worshiping together in one place—and learning A LOT about writing (although most days you can’t tell) and speaking—and THAT is something YOU REALLY can’t tell about! ‘Cuz—I ain’t called to speak! 🙂

    So—I blabbered on just to encourage you to try and join us…I know that the LORD will meet us here–I know He has plans already in motion for this event! He has already worked miracle after miracle just getting this all going!
    I hope to see you there! (Here)


    7 thoughts on “Bloggers RETREAT NEWS!!!!”

    1. WOW! First off that baby is TOO PRECIOIUS! MY GOONESS I’M GIGGLING TOO!

      Secondly what a testimony of GOD’s faithfulness and your trust and obedience unto HIM.

      When we HEAR AND LISTEN the blessing is always ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!

      Love ya.

    2. Angie,

      I just went back and linked your message onto my blog because I think your testimony is one that many should read to be encouraged as they too trust the LORD not just for resources but in everything.

      Love ya!

    3. Hey Angie…… seems it has been forever since we “talked’ I know you must be so busy with the retreat and Bless you for even taking it on. I would love to have one here in the central states but the Lord has not called me to do that…. Not yet anyway! hahaha

      Blessing to you my friend….. I have so missed you !

    4. I was once told to give everything from my family of origin away. It owned me. Now the things I have …I own them and I am free from all those memories that were so unpleasant. Freeing thing man if you saw everything that has come back to me….

    5. Mom,

      I’m so proud of you! You are doing an awesome work for God! I really enjoy reading your blogs. They always minister to me. I love you.

    6. I just love it when the Lord works in ways that are so obvious like this…

      This retreat is destined and ordained to accomplish so much and bless so many…will be praying steadily for all of you…

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