Not a Spiritual Post

If you have come here today, hoping for something spiritually uplifting…

Then you might want to stop right here and click over on my side bar for a “friend”…they are more spiritual I am sure right now. Sofa from HomePlaceFurniture 307

Today’s talk will be “hormones”.

Yup! You heard right.

So if you are of the “dude” gender, then you might want to go somewhere else. You will NOT find this interesting, UNLESS of course you want to try and understand your wife a bit better or know when to GET OUT of the house.

For the last –oh, I’m not even sure I can remember WHEN it started—but lets just say it’s been MONTHS…when I lay me down to sleep….I’m not guaranteed it will last.

Actually, many times, morning comes in the middle of the night.

Have you ever heard of that? Has it happened to you? Well, all too often it’s been happening to me. I go to sleep for about 2 hours, and then, wide awake.

I toss and turn for the next few hours, and right before it’s time to get up, I fall asleep. Sleeping the last hour before the alarm goes off, I find I am tired, sore (as in run over by a Mack Truck), GROUCHY and teary. ALL at the same time. ALL DAY LONG.

Anybody feeling it? I find myself giving my co-workers morning warning notices like, “I am hormonal today —stay far away.” Or, “if you want it done, you’d best do it yourself”….or, “sob, sob, sob, “no, I’m okay,… honest.”

I have only exaggerated a little bit. I work with a good bunch of people. ALL the girls have issues. We deal with them as they arise. AND they only arise on days that end in “y”. So we’re good. Right?

The LORD blesses me daily (my spiritual input for this post) and I thank HIM continually—and WE DISCUSS my problems (since He’s really the only One WHO can help)….and HE’s working on me…really.

A note to any man who was loony brave enough to stay here and read,

if your wife is experiencing this or any other wierd symptom of “hormonal fluctuations, pray for her. Not only when you are NOT with her, but when you are with her.

The best gift my husband gives me is he prays over me daily. This started a few months ago—and it has helped me so much…I really wonder what I’d be like if he didn’t!

Second, give her a night for relaxing out. LOOK IN HER EYES when you are at a restaurant—listen with your heart —that will help her sleep better 🙂

Third, if she’s not sleeping, let her rest in on Saturday. If you have a house full of kids or just one, give her an extra hour. Then bring her some coffee, and whatever little breakfast she enjoys! THIS will not only help her—it will help YOU in the LONG RUN. Understand my meaning??

Jeff is the BEST pancake chef! He makes awesome pancakes and coffee (he’s mine—don’t even think about it!)

Another sweet gesture, one that Jeff did for me during a very stressful time, he had the bath tub filled with HOT HOT water (just like I enjoy) and bubbles waiting for me when I walked in the door. I had called him (as I normally do) on my way home and he timed it just right. I had a long hot relaxing bath and then I rested so much better.

IF she is a reader—take her to her favorite book store and you sit and drink coffee and eat a cookie with her while she enjoys browsing the bookshelves…if she likes shoes, treat her to a new pair of flip-flops! Surprise her (Jeff surprised me with a trip to the flip-flop store last year!) Find out what size she wears and get some simple sandals—flip-flops are EASY!

This conversation will be continued. AND if you are having similar difficulties…wanna share??MotherSister Retreat 2008 017

I hope you have a blessed weekend…I will try and get some rest…but that is iffy. I really want to hear some honest feed back.

Trusting and believing

(BUT still hormonal)


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16 responses to “Not a Spiritual Post

  • Denise

    Sweetie, I so understand. I had to have a full hysterectiomy in 2000, I was 36 at the time. It threw me straight into menopause, not a good place to be. Nine years later, I still suffer with night sweats, sleeping problems, and mood swings. I really get what you are saying here, bless your heart. Thanks for giving this wonderful advice for the hubbys. I love you.

  • Tami Boesiger

    Yep, I hear ya, Angie! It can be tough to be a woman.

    I have found taking St. John's Wort helps a little with the emotional swings and Multi-symptom Pamprin helps with irritability.

    When I'm in one of those fluctuating times, I remember in my weakness HE is strong. I embrace the inadequate feelings because they make me need Jesus more. And lately I try to make the most of it, letting myself feel the emotions. Feeling a lot is better than not feeling at all. It is a gift. (Now remind me of all this in about a week, okay? That's about the time it will all strike again.)

    You are not alone, girl.

  • Karen

    This is why the saying that “women are the tougher gender” is so true…men couldn't take what we women deal with on a daily basis. What works for ME (sometimes at least) is a combo of extra strength Estroven (can't take regular hormones) and Benadryl for the sleep problems (didn't want to take prescription sleep aids) AND reflecting on “He gives His beloved sleep”….sometimes this beloved gets only 3 or 4 hours of sleep, but it IS sleep…

    I feel your pain, dear lady…and loved this post!

  • Amy

    I hope you sincerely feel better.

    Although I am certainly no expert on your symptoms, I can say what you've been going through sounds a LOT like what my mother went through when she turned 50. She experienced peri-menopause pretty much a whole 5-8 years before menopause kicked in and stablized.

    She had trouble sleeping, her periods became irregular, and she would get random/inconsistent hot flashes every so often.

    Sure enough, when she went to her doctor, he explained that some women go through a looonnnggg (years) season of Pre(peri) menopause before it “stablizes.”

    Although my mother, at first, avoided it, she began taking natural estrogen/progesterone hormones to somewhat balance her symptoms a bit more. That helped.

    Again, just some of my thoughts. I will also pray for you, especially to get adequate sleep! No fun being tired.

    Oh, and your husband sounds like such a gentleman. Through his actions, I can immeditately tell he loves you bunches. A good man you got there (I hope, I will have one of these, too someday!)

    ~Amy 🙂

  • ellen b.

    As I sit her sweating in a cool condo after waking up at 2 last night and then falling back to sleep for a half hour before it was time to get up I do believe I can relate! Although most nights aren't as bad as last night was…And wait I am on hormones so what's up with that?! This whole menopausal weirdness deal is well…weird. I'm praying right now that you get a good dose of refreshment this weekend!!

  • Angie

    Tami—I will try and remember to holler at you next week with some encouragement! THANKS for your sweet words!

    Denise—I think I had my surgery the following year…but no hormones since I still had my ovaries…but the past 3 years…killer years I tell ya! I am glad Jeff is full of patience and love!!

    Girls y'all have been too sweet! I'm glad I'm not alone…:)

  • Linda

    Oh Angie – amen Sister!!
    I've been that way for years now (I hate to make things more discouraging – but there you have it.) I've tried everything to get a good night's sleep. My doctor finally relented and perscribed Ambien. It gives me a good night's sleep but the side affects are hardly worth it – headaches for days afterward. So….I just try to get as much sleep as I can – between hot flashes 🙂
    This too shall pass?

  • Angie

    Amy, Ellen and Linda—

    WOW! YOU have no idea how much THIS helps…just KNOWING that someone knows what I feel!!!

    My dr. did suggest “Sleep MD” which you can buy over the counter and doesn't have the diphenhydramine (benadryl) in it—which benadryl causes me “hang-over” type feelings (although how would I know? I've never had a hang-over). And that did seem to help…but I tell ya—Jeff said I “snored” when I took it….I guess it relaxed my “clinched” jaw 🙂
    Stress has something to do with it…and I am going to have to stop the caffiene and see it that is a problem…but when I stop the caffiene….will I fall asleep driving???? (I am attempting funny here…poor attempt I know!)

    Thank you girls…And Ellen…I don't understand the “sweatin' in A/C either–because I do that…I set the a/c on 67 degrees—Jeff sleeps UNDER the cover and I sleep ON TOP of the cover! AND still sweat!

  • LisaShaw

    Precious you know my story…I had a hysterectomy in 1997. No hormones etc necessary.

    End of 2007 entering 2008 I went hormone meltdown for the entire year until through LOADS OF PRAYER and some natural changes I am much more balanced.

    I had short term memory loss, lots of fatigue, mood swings (crying and major irritability), hot/cold flashes that were absolutely unreal, I fought weight gain by working out 1.5 hours 4 to 5 days per week but I was so wiped out and I still regained 15+ of what I had lost in 2007. Insomnia became my middle name.

    But GOD…He kept me, showed me ways to relax even more in His presence. I also reduced some things and started others. For instance I began drinking hot Green Tea in the evening. I found scented candles that were soothing for me rather than ones that stirred my senses. I found that LAVENDER was and still is the best soothing scent for me. I took baths at night to relax.

    I prayed and prayed and allowed my body to go through some of what it needed to. I still do but now I've learned how to handle it.

    I found some encouragement at a Women's website also.I can get the name for you if you want it.

    Backrubs helped me a lot to unwind and working out (a good sweat) helped my body to stabilize a lot. Exercise is great for hormone issues really.

    I had to change some other things but this message has become too long. Know that i love you and you are NOT ALONE!

    I'm praying for you.

  • LisaShaw

    There is something else that is very helpful but email me…

  • Deb

    You do not need to suffer, contact your doctor and there are many natural things to help you also, sleep MD is wonderful:)along with plenty of exercise and WATER:)
    Praying for you, i know its hard. Great post for the guys!! love you, hang in there:) keep an ice wrap around your neck too:) oohhh yeahhh

  • Regina

    Angie I'm not sure how old you are but I turn 39 this year. I've been suffering from those same symptoms every since my daughter was born 7 years ago. The doctors look at me like I'm crazy because they think I was too young to be going through any hormonal stuff. They even took blood work that showed no signs of me having any issues as far as they are concerned. BUT I know they are the “crazy” ones because I wake up 2-3 nights a week soaking wet from sweat and am more emotional than I care to be sometimes. Anyway with all that said I'll say that I do not know how I would survive anything without my Lord and my wonderful husband. They are both always there for me. They don't think I'm crazy. The Lord knows it all, and my dear hubby knows because he's the one that's been laying next to that puddle of sweat for the past several years.

  • Lynn


    I SOOOOOO get you… I love you sending you hugs and prayers.

  • weezie

    Oh, Mother! Don't take this the wrong way…but I'm so glad I don't live with you anymore! LOL!! If the past few years have been the worst then I got out just in time! HA! Just kidding. You know I love you! Even though I'm not going through menopause, I can simpithize with you on the hot flashes and night sweats. (pregnancy is not that far behind me) I will be praying extra hard for you. I love you!!! — Oh, you don't have to post this comment. It's just for you.

  • Faith

    Loved reading this! and will pray for you!
    Haven't experienced the no sleep thing (I'll be 50 in Dec and have been perimenopausal for last 6 years…all kinds of odd symptoms but nothing that can't be tolerated. The worse for me is the achy joints which are exacerbated due to having lyme disease for a year before being treated and then it stayed with me for 3. What helps my pms, etc is eating more foods with soy, working out DAILY…even if just my power walking or a quick Wii Fit workout, and cutting down on the sugars. I figure that God is the one who made our bodies..they are supposed to go thru this change and He will get us through it! 🙂

  • Donetta

    Angie it is a process…yep all those things are all too normal.
    By the way what a cruel trick with that milky way bar!!! 🙂
    I had a radical hip to hip in 2000.
    Menopause over night! They did give me an injection at surgery.
    Later I found that the bio estrogen/progesterone is the safest for me.
    It is compounded every three months at a cost of about $30 a month.
    Try to find another candy you like, try to find a herb tea you like and so on. Nature abhors a vacuum if you remove it replace it.
    It will not be as hard.

    The big no no is alcohol so just think your already a long way down the road because you do not drink.

    Sleepy time tea, or peppermint is good to get sleepy. Naps if possible.

    and give me that milky way bar your not supposed to have it…hehehehe

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