My Beginning

of my one thousand gifts…
I love crispy –thin–oven fried cornbread. My sweet mother-in-law taught me to make this after Jeff and I first married. If you look closely, there is the smallest piece…I had to “test it”.

A great combination with the cornbread is tender collards (we love all greens), along with ham and sweet potatoes with butter…of course! (This is Jeff’s plate by the way—he cleaned it!) Please pardon the fact that I used “paper napkins”….instead of cloth. I reserve my cloth for company. If you had told me you were coming…I would have set your plate and ironed the napkins!

This dear little fellow is a precious gift of life—the first of five grandsons that God has delivered into our hearts and lives. He has been having a few more problems than usual. Many changes. A new school this year. This calls for more prayer. Autism does not like change. Rylan likes things kept the same. Routine should have been his middle name…we learn as we go. He is sweetly snuggled up watching Mickey Mouse. His favorite cartoon.

The colors of the changing seasons…I love the painting technique my Father uses. His color palette is out of this world!

I cannot say when I have enjoyed a Bible Study more. Beth Moore has written many. But for the days that I am traveling through….this one has ministered to me in some areas that I desperately needed. I have glimpsed Jesus as never before. I have felt Him and spent many hours digging in the Truth. Loving every minute of it. Thankful. That’s where I am.

This is 5 of my One Thousand Gifts. I could talk all night.

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10 responses to “My Beginning

  • Denise

    Such precious blessings my dear friend, love you.

  • Marsha

    I love this post. I will certainly be praying for Rylan and all the adjustments in life right now. I’m so thankful you and Jeff are there for him with uncondtional love and as a stablizing force for him. Have a blessed week at work and a safe trip to the GA mtns! Praise God the gas prices have dropped a good bit!Love ya!

  • Melanie

    Oh, Angie.. such a beautiful post of thanksgiving for your many blessings! I’ll keep Rylan in my prayers… what a sweetheart he is all snuggled up in those blankets!

  • Linda

    Hi Angie,I’m doing this too. It does the heart good to acknowledge the blessings the Lord pours into our lives.These are all so precious.

  • Paula (SweetPea)

    Cloth napkins? I’ve never owned cloths napkins. haDinner looks good, do you ship orders?Your grandson looks so precious and cozy. Is there anything better than being snuggled into bed. mmmmOh, those beautiful colors from God are mighty scrumptious also! Beauty!

  • lori

    Have I got a comment for you….did I ever tell you that 15 years ago I worked with autistic children? I was a one on one aide with an amazing Rhett Syndrome girl named Erin….we lost touch, but just this weekend her mom found me….THROUGH MY HOTM blog…of all things…and she is 20 and doing amazingly well…seeing this post just made me want to give you a big hug…I KNOW in my heart that without the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and DETERMINATION by her amazing mom she would NOT be where she is astounds me….Rylan is a gift…a very special gift…and while he may be different by the world’s standards he has LOTS to teach us…more than we’ll likely EVER know…..How incredibly blessed he is to have a gram like you….YOU are one of a kind…and one in a million!NOW about that FRIED cornbread….That sounds like something Paula Deen made up:) SEND some over…trade you for some cookies!:)love you!!lori

  • Technonana

    What precious blessings… and your grandson all bundled up…love it!!!you’ve been tagged!!

  • Karen

    Enjoyed this post. My mother-in-law makes this kind of cornbread, also. May you have blessed day.

  • Kathy S.

    I’m really wishin’ I would have joined you in that study. It was fun reading about your blessings and wishes.Isn’t it fun being a girl?Love ya!

  • Tiffany Stuart

    Great pics. Enjoyed reading what you love.Hugs!

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