90 Days with Jesus Bible Study

Day Forty-Seven

Mark 7:31-36

Up to this point we have studied many activities of Jesus. From each of the Gospels. I learned today, that this particular story is only covered by one reporter. That reporter was Mark. It made an impression. I don’t know if he walked over close enough to hear and see what Jesus did as the man experienced his healing…obviously he must have for so many details to be included.

Let’s back up. If you look back at the previous verses—you get the feeling that Jesus was tired. I mean, He had just tried to escape for just a short reprieve inside a house …in hopes of not being seen. If you go back further, you will see He has every right to be completely exhausted! But there was no rest for Him. No escape from the hungry, hurting people of the day. It’s like that now as well.

Having been close to several ministerial families I have seen first hand the everyday joys as wells as the stress the call of God takes on a family. If a minister has what I believe is a true pastor/shepherd’s heart, he is constantly busy with the “flock” and he is constantly in demand.

And, generally, he tries to meet the needs of his congregation as best he can—with the willing heart of a servant of God. But this doesn’t mean that he never grows tired. On the contrary. I believe they are more tired than we can imagine. (I think it might be like being a mother to about 200+ children….) Okay, so now I am really exhausted…and not because it is FRIDAY and the week was EXTREMELY long and had splashes of difficulty . . .(and I am not a preacher! Whew! AND their busy time is about to crank up!)

Living in a glass house, being observed, not only by your congregation, but by the very community in which you live is enough to make the normal person want to pull their hair out! (I think it would mine!) Wait a minute. Did I just imply that preachers/ministers/pastors aren’t normal? Well, they are. They eat, drink, sleep and grow weary in well doing just like the rest of us….and by the way. In case we forget…the commission to go into all the world…was for all who believe and follow the Lord Jesus Christ! At least that is what I believe. Correct me please if I am mistaken. If I’m wrong…then I guess I can just shut down the blog and all the other hearts striving to live the life before the world telling others about Jesus can just push pause and let the preacher’s carry on…. whatcha think? Me either. We have a job to do…and not much time to get it done. Carry on girls. (This was a minor pit stop in the study…sorry I strayed. Let’s get back to business.)

Jesus was living and ministering in a glass house as well. FOLLOWED closely. NO ALONE TIME—or at least it was VERY hard to come by.

So we find Him traveling once again…and the word has spread and He is met by friends of a man who is deaf and could hardly speak. They obviously loved this man very much, for the Bible says that they begged Jesus to heal him. And of course as you read the story you find that Jesus does heal him. In a rather unusual way, that was not typical of his other healing works.

When I read the first of verse 34, “He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh….” I pondered His sigh. My first thought was, bless His heart, He can’t go anywhere without being bombarded to do for others. But—that was my flesh thinking. Helping others is what Jesus was all about. Helping them from themselves. From the self destruction of sin.

I read the commentary notes below and realized what His deep sigh was all about. He knew already what lay in store for this man. And with the tongue being the most unruly member of each of us….what difficulties this man may now face that he might not before….food for thought. You read it and tell me what you think.

¹He sighed; not as if he found any difficulty in working this miracle, or obtaining power to do it from his father; but thus he expressed his pity for the miseries of human life, and his sympathy with the afflicted in their afflictions, as one that was himself touched with the feeling of their infirmities. And as to this man, he sighed, not because he was loath to do him this kindness, or did it with reluctance; but because of the many temptations which he would be exposed to, and the sins he would be in danger of, the tongue-sins, after the restoring of his speech to him, which before he was free from. He had better be tongue-tied still, unless he have grace to keep his mouth as with a bridle, Ps. 39:1.

More food for thought…and you can tell me what you think here too…but I wonder if in praying certain prayers…if God’s not healing us or removing the burden, or cutting back our cross a bit (see Aimee’s post from Day Forty-Four—we added a GodTube clip you really need to see!), I just wonder…are we trying to take matters into our own hands…and maybe, just maybe the burden is for a purpose? A BIGGER reason. A BIGGER working in our lives ….or maybe it’s for someone else? I don’t know…I am just thinking out loud. Sort of. Honestly, I really wish I could have all the problems fixed…but I told my oldest daughter a few weeks ago, the trials she is in is for a reason…God is TRYING to work out some of the things she is clinging to that is not OF HIM. Now, I am not saying it’s the case every time. Not at all. I am just ramblin’ on. Sorry. Too much caffeine.

I know from this week alone, how VALUABLE time alone with Christ is. More than anything else, we need to give time to God each day. When I drive to work everyday over 40 miles one way, that gives me many miles of time with Him. We have the BEST time! I talk to the LORD about the day to day…and He listens. There are times though, I catch myself becoming encumbered in my mind with the details of whatever the current problem may be….and I have to snatch my mind back to HIM. I am so glad He goes with me wherever I go.

Girls, I encourage you to take some time this weekend and just BE with the Lord. Allow Him to talk to your hearts and minds—He will lift the burdens from our shoulders…if we let Him.

Heavenly Father, I bring these sisters that are with us today, before Your throne of grace, and ask that You would look on them with Your favor. Your word says that You give strength to the weary, so I ask that You would strengthen each heart and life. Bless them Lord with Your presence, and encourage them. Remind them of Your faithfulness and Your love that they might stand in faith against whatever they may be facing today. Lord You alone know our tomorrows. You know how to prepare us for that day. We give You each of our days. Take them and create what will bring glory and honor to You. In the name of Jesus we pray~Amen.

Keeping the Faith,


¹Henry, Matthew. “Commentary on Mark 7.” Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible. Blue Letter Bible. 01 Mar 1996.

16 Oct 2008.http://www.blueletterbible.org/Comm/mhc/Mar/Mar007.html.

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