Day Forty-Five (Our Half-Way Mark)

Scripture references Luke 9:28-36

About eight days (Brothers Matthew and Mark both say 6 days…but I agree with the commentary I read that the good Dr. Luke’s recordings were most likely the more accurate), have passed since yesterday’s conversation.

Beth asked the question, “Why would Jesus choose a mountain as the ideal spot for Him to reveal His glory to His closest friends?”

It made me think. About my own mountains. Have you ever been climbing? Well, I haven’t climbed any huge rocks…but I have trekked with Jeff, up a mountain to reach the top of a water fall. The journey was tricky. I even lost my footing a time or two. I was hit with branches, worried about poisonous plants, even envisioned some snakes crawling along. Yes, don’t forget the snakes. But when I reached the top—oh my goodness.

The air was the first thing you notice. Of course you are out of breath from the climb, but then the view takes your breath away! I cannot fathom how anyone who ventures out into creation can possibly even entertain the thought that there is no God.

Girls I can tell you from my experience in actually climbing said mountain (It was up Minnehaha Falls in Rabon County Georgia, that God’s beauty is all around–in the tiniest detail of the plenteous Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel, to the spiders making their way along the most fragile spun web, it’s all God.

This is a picture of the very falls we climbed. Now–I was MUCH younger when I trekked the whole way, and it was not easy even then. The way was very slippery. We were in and out of the water. But the view from the top was, as Beth said of the journey for Peter, James and John, “worth the climb.”

His glory can be viewed with our window thrown wide, or even in the tiniest peep hole. But if we choose to look only through a peep hole existence, we must realize that we are only allowing ourselves a peephole experience with God.

And girls, there is so much more!

He is so much bigger than that!

When I was studying this today, I use Matthew Henry’s Commentary a great deal in my reading, and this is something I found very interesting….

¹“Lastly, The apostles are here said to have kept this vision private. They told no man in those days, reserving the discovery of it for another opportunity, when the evidences of Christ’s being the Son of God were completed in the pouring out of the Spirit, and that doctrine was to be published to all the world. As there is a time to speak, so there is a time to keep silence. Every thing is beautiful and useful in its season”.

Sometimes the LORD gives you a nugget of truth for your life. One for a day to come. Perhaps the near future, maybe further off a bit. But sometimes, like Mary, the mother of Jesus, we need to “ponder these things” in our hearts a bit. At the right time, He will pave the way for us to share them. That is sort of how I’ve been with many details around the time of Wanda’s home going. Even still. I know that there will be a day and time when I will share much of my experience of her exit from this life into the next. Until that day…I hold them dear and near my heart. And in the meantime, I thank you my faithful friend for sticking by us and praying for us.

I loved Beth’s prayer today and am sharing it—I have ENJOYED this so much! I am feeling the growth in my own life and heart. I hope you are as well. I know that our conversations have been deeper. And, I am listening more.

“O Lord my God, You are very great, clothed with majesty and splendor. You wrap Yourself in light as if it were a robe, spreading out the sky like a canopy, laying the beams of Your palace on the waters above, making the clouds Your chariot, walking on the wings of the wind, and making the wind Your messengers, flames of fire Your servants” (Ps. 104:1-4), do in each of our hearts as You would. Teach us Your ways, shine the light on the path we are to take. Help us to grasp a firm grip on Your hand as You lead us in the paths of righteousness. Up the hill, to view the magnificent creation You have blessed us with! I am clinging tight. I know You won’t let go. Guard the lives of each of our dear sisters that are journeying with us. Bless their homes and hearts. Help them to see the miracles in the meeting of their everyday needs. In the mighty and holy name of Jesus—praying, believing–EXPECTING—~Amen.

Keeping the Faith,


¹ Henry, Matthew. “Commentary on Luke 9.” Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible. Blue Letter Bible. 01 Mar 1996.14 Oct 2008.

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