Day Thirty-Nine

Luke 9:1-6

The Calling.



“Hey Regina, do you and Bernadine and the two sweet Denise’s think you can join Gail and the rest of My children on a field trip?”

Beth’s last word on page 189 inspired the above dialogue. “Remember the meaning of disciple: pupil, learner! We can’t keep skipping class—our time with God in the Scripture and in prayer—and expect to know when He’s scheduled a field trip!”

What if…the phone rang and God called you up and told you specifically what He needed you to accomplish for Him each day?

My thought was —“hey—that’d be just great!”….Especially considering the fact that many mornings…that is the very question I ask Him. I spend much time in conversation with the Father about my calling. “What is it You require of me Lord?” I smiled when I was reading this lesson, because just this morning….it came up again.

I have this list of things “I’m not good at”, just in case He forgot. “So, you know…don’t ask me to do that Lord….You know I’m not a speaker. Let me write all day long. Just don’t ask me to speak.”

That was something I told Him MANY times. Then I got to a place in my life, after Wanda passed away I said, “Lord, You know what I am capable of, —just as You knew what Wanda could and could not do. I know, trust and believe, You won’t require more than what You will EQUIP me to do. I give whatever ability I have or don’t have to You. Whatever I have is Yours. Use me up. Until I go Home.”

He may not require me to speak (you’ll be glad), but I had to make up my mind, that whatever, whenever, I’d never refuse my Lord.

What’s He asking you to do? A willing heart is all that He requires. Come get on the bus for the field trip….Girls, it is bound to be filled with adventure!

There’s a song with great lyrics that I will close with. I would love for the FIRST COMMENTER to say a prayer for us today—-if you don’t mind.

“If You can use anything Lord
You can use me.
If You can use anything Lord
You can use me.
Take my hands, Lord
And my feet,
Touch my heart, Lord,
And speak through me.
If You can use anything,
LordYou can use me.

Ron Kenoly is below in the video clip. An awesome song, enjoy the words…it is a powerful song. Ron Kenoly is one of my favorite worship leaders.

Okay…will one of you sweet sisters pray for us today? Or…maybe all of you will. Thank you.
Keeping the Faith,

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