Sew the Word Indeed!

I was completely ASTOUNDED when I came home and low and behold a box on my desk! What a blessed surprise! It was the “prize” I won from my entry over at “Sew the Word“! Thank you dear sweet Denise!!!

She made this incredible bag (In case you don’t know— I love bags—I collect them! AND I take one EVERY DAY to work with my books/Bible Study/camera/etc. to work!) She also made the picture—it has my name embroidered on it in English and Hebrew! Wow!!! I still cannot get over my wonderful blessings!

Girls, I have to tell you—-for some awesome Bible teaching—-you really need to check out Denise’s site at Samaritan Women. I love reading her teachings. A teacher of the Bible for many years, and a sweet precious follower after the heart of God.

I am blessed by so MANY friends on the blogroll. When I need some uplifting thoughts, they are as close as my sidebar! Check a few of them out!

Thank you Denise, this could not have come at a better time! The Lord certainly knows how to pick a girl up!

We are getting ready for our Bible Study beginning in September —can I tell you I am nervous?? I have had a couple more express their interest and plans to participate! It will be at the Sister’s of Faith blog! (If you are new here—go to the Sister’s of Faith Blog and view the book—maybe you already have the book and want to join!

I am ready…study book, Bible, new book marker, pencil, computer, paper, coffee cup, Kleenex (in case we need it), Depends (in case Aimee says something funny), YOU and US!

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