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Special Guest Shares His Thankful Heart

“NO WAY!” That was my first response when my wife asked me to write a Thankful Thursday. She asked again (Angie can be persistent). “No way” once again was my reply.

Later that day I heard a Voice in my heart, some say that “still small voice”. In my case it is not still and definitely not small. To me, it is that voice I hear and/or feel deep inside my heart. It seems to always start with a question.

This time it was “Why not”?

“I wouldn’t know what to say. That’s a blog for women, they don’t want to hear from a man.” You know, I had all these excuses. I seem to always question the Voice or make all kinds of excuses.

This time the Voice reminds me of a Thursday morning about 20 years ago while I was driving to work. Actually, it all started on a Wednesday night at our mid week prayer service. In the old church, Wednesday nights were “Testimony Service”. Anyone and everyone had the opportunity to share a testimony of what the Lord had done in their lives. (Angie tells me that this is EXACTLY the same thing!)

This particular Wednesday night, I heard a small voice in my heart, but I shook it off. I heard it again. My excuse? “Nothing happened BIG this week—I don’t know what to say.” You know—just excuses.

I had a one hour drive one way to work, so this was my time alone with the Lord. My quiet time. My prayer time. On Thursday morning, as I was driving, I hear that same Voice. “Why didn’t you testify last night”?

I immediately started making excuses. The voice is persistent. “Why didn’t you testify?” Excuses roll from my mind.

Then I hear this in my heart….”What happened at 4:30 this morning?”

Me: What do you mean?

Voice: What happened at 4:30?

Me: The alarm clock went off.

Voice: How do you know?

Me: Well, I heard it—it woke me up!

Voice: You HEARD it?? What happened next?

Me: I opened my eyes (I know now where this is going)

Voice: You SAW the clock?

Me: Yes, I saw.

Voice: What happened next?

Me: I turned off the alarm.

Voice: You moved.

Me: Yes, I was able to move.

Voice: What next?

Me: I got up.

Voice: You were able to get up?

Me: Yes. I was able.

I am thankful for the very breath I breathe.
I am thankful I can see, feel, hear, walk and talk.
I am thankful I am ABLE to work.
I am thankful for the greatest family—both my side and Angie’s side.
I am thankful for the LOVE of God that will speak to me in that still small voice deep down in my heart. I am thankful I can respond.

(I took out that he said he was thankful for me…then he scolded me for it. So—he is thankful for his “sweet wife” —his words, not mine—for today…I was NOT very sweet. The a/c has been out of commission at our office–that’s the excuse I will use.)

Thank ya’ll for allowing me to share my thankfuls on Angie’s blog.

Working for Him,

(Pictured is Jeff and his sweet mom taken on July 4, 2008.)

You all need to join up at Iris’ place for the rest of the THANKFUL Thursdays!

You just never know how the Lord will speak to your heart!

Update: Jeff has been blown away by the sweet comments on this post! Amazed…eyes big and smiling bright AMAZED! Thank you all! You made his day!

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