Daily Archives: August 13, 2008

How are things at HOME….

This week has been tough. I won’t kid you. I am thankful—but it’s been hard nonetheless.

Yesterday marked six months that Wanda left our side. When she breathed her last struggling breath and the next gulp of air was celestial air—had to be so incredible. I cannot even fathom.

It’s really not a secret that we are working on a book project of her life, faith and ministry to others. That’s hard too. Because of all the picture memories that flood to my heart and mind.

As Jeff and I watched this video last Friday night, I could do nothing but sit and cry. I apologize for the “blurriness” of the video—but the song will ring through I hope loud and clear straight to your heart. I intend to go. I intend to hug her. I intend to lay hold on eternal life—I love you all. I am blessed constantly by some one’s sweet comment or thoughtful e-mail. I am thankful for what the LORD has given me. The valleys of life as well as the mountains.

Go to Iris’ place for more thankfuls! Have a blessed weekend girls (and guys).

(Song “How Are Things At Home” by Janet Paschal)