Daily Archives: August 8, 2008

Weekend Thinking….

If you haven’t seen this video yet….stop what your doing…press pause on my music (bottom of sidebar) and watch.
Hear…what He might be reminding you of YOUR TESTIMONY.

We’ve all got one. That place where we came from before He found us…before HE rescued us…from that pit…you know.

The PIT.


We’ve all had one.

Sure, we may have decorated it. Hung pictures on the wall…even laid down some rugs or pretty tile to make it look appealing…and maybe it did.

For a while.

But it didn’t change the smell.

The stench.

Of the SIN.

But God did.

He applied the CLEANING POWER behind the blood of JESUS CHRIST.

That forever changed our lives.

The ladder out of the pit….well, it was a cross.

Go ahead. Put your foot on the bottom rung.

Take a step.

Climb up and out into the fresh air of freedom in CHRIST JESUS!