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Summer Help! Yipee!

Our office has been blessed beyond measure with a phenomenal young lady. (The young one!)

I have had the pleasure of working closely with “Katie-Bell” as I have nicknamed her. She is what I call, “precious”! But—since I am who I am –and talk the way I do-and I live where I live—I have a somewhat distinct “southerness” in my voice. So—it is “Pressshhhuuuuhhhssss”! And that is Miss Katie to a “T”.

She has been given tasks by every employee of the firm—from the “big bosses”…on down to each secretary. She has helped EVERYONE! And without one single complaint. No matter how daunting or simple the task! She has a bright smile when she enters the building and it is just as bright when she leaves! If an exclamation mark could describe her upbeat and cheery personality it might look like this

I just love her to pieces! AND will miss her so much when she leaves us in a few days! So, I have asked Miss Katie to share a bit about herself, her studies and her plans! So—-take it away Katie!!!

My name is Katie and I have been working as Angie’s faithful office assistant this summer. I attend school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, but I will be spending the next year studying abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

I am a Political Science major and a Religious Studies minor with a general focus on International Relations, thus spending a year in an international surrounding seemed like the perfect plan for me. A disabling feeling of being land locked in America has driven my plan. I think it is becoming increasingly important for Americans to gain a better understanding of the world beyond our borders.

This age of globalization requires that Americans begin to step outside of their comfort zone and experience cultural diversity less we get left behind by the rest of the world. I think one of the most important ways to begin to study another culture is to observe their religious practices. Learning about other religions is a great way to test your own faith.

In my own experience I have found that the more you begin to learn about different religions and cultures the more you begin to find the common ground of humanity. I think the linking bits of kindness and humanity found in all cultures and religions is one of the most important displays of God’s love and the proof of goodness in people all around the world. Watching the Olympics through out the next couple of weeks will be a great way to see just how small this world really is!

My advice to you is:
Look beyond the world of your day-to-day life.
Watch the news and the Olympics.
Have faith in the goodness of God and people.
EDUCATE yourself about different cultures and religions.

Have a great week & remember to pray for me while I am abroad this next school year!


Thanks Katie! I appreciate your willingness to blog along with me for this little adventure. Ladies, do take time to pray for Katie as she travels abroad at the end of this month. It can be a scary world out there! Joanne of Blessed, laughed “out loud” and real hard at me when I told her that I had never flown on an airplane before….I just don’t get it…surely there’s a lot of people just like me….right??? RIGHT???