Weekend Thinking….

If you haven’t seen this video yet….stop what your doing…press pause on my music (bottom of sidebar) and watch.
Hear…what He might be reminding you of YOUR TESTIMONY.

We’ve all got one. That place where we came from before He found us…before HE rescued us…from that pit…you know.

The PIT.


We’ve all had one.

Sure, we may have decorated it. Hung pictures on the wall…even laid down some rugs or pretty tile to make it look appealing…and maybe it did.

For a while.

But it didn’t change the smell.

The stench.

Of the SIN.

But God did.

He applied the CLEANING POWER behind the blood of JESUS CHRIST.

That forever changed our lives.

The ladder out of the pit….well, it was a cross.

Go ahead. Put your foot on the bottom rung.

Take a step.

Climb up and out into the fresh air of freedom in CHRIST JESUS!

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12 responses to “Weekend Thinking….

  • Regina

    I’ve seen that video before, and I love it. I was a mess too. Now I’m His mess. And He loves me! Thanks for reminding me.

  • Kathy S.

    Angie, I saw this last week or the week before on Micca’s blog, and I have been thinking about it ever since. I still am not sure how to summarize my cardboard.The Lord wants me to write my testimony, and I have not attempted it yet. I need to do that. It just doesn’t seem so impacting to me, but I know it is His Story…So I better get started!Great husband you have! That was fun reading his post!Love and blessings, Kathy

  • Jennifer

    That was amazing!!!! Wow!

  • Kristi

    Oh, yes! I have seen this one before. It is powerful. I have something for you! Please, come visit my blog.

  • Nancie

    Hi Angie,Thanks for sharing this very encouraging video. Thank God for His mercies to us in saving us and transforming us. May He deepens our love and devotion to Him each day.I thank God that He enables us to meet through blogging. I enjoy reading your posts and encouraged by them. Thanks for visiting me and commenting too. Thanks for your Friendship and encouragements. I have two awards to share with you (Share The Love Award and Friendship Award). Please share these with Jeff too 🙂 Do come over when you have time. Take care and God bless you and family always. Have a blessed weekends! With appreciation and prayers,Nancie

  • Connie@Little Red Hearts From God

    absolutely brings me to my knees…I would have to walk through the line several times…thank you for sharingConnie

  • Deb

    oh yes this has been around and I love it!! Thank you Lord that your mercies are new every morning!! Have a great weekend:) Hey maybe someday we will cross paths on our motorcycles, wouldn’t that be great??

  • annie

    I love that video too!Thank you so much for the birthday card and Holiday Jar Mix book! How thoughtful!Blessings to you!

  • lori

    You KNOW I’ve been in the pit…and it was a very nicely decorated pit…even had a clean tub…but IT WAS A PIT…and I needed to get rid of the STENCH that couldn’t be hidden…that SIN thing…oh yeah…Had to bring in the heavy duty cleanser…:)I hear you loud and clear today…I can hear your voice preachin’ this one…and it’s a GOOD one too!You know I just GET you!!:)amazing isn’t it….FRESH AIR…Angie, you did it again girlfriend..you moved me!!and you’ve given me something to think on as I dose off tonight…love you!lori

  • Denise

    Makes my heart break all over again to remember the pit that HE saved me from…….HOWEVER GIRL FRIEND you pray for me because I am afraid of people…… I am afraid to share my testimony for fear people to shum me……. I know that sounds terrible but I have struggled with it for years.. there are very few people that know my past life…….. God has saved me from such a blackness……. I come close sometimes to sharing “it all” but always come up short…… I am getting better but I need the Lord to free me to be free……Love ya!!!

  • Chris

    Amazing testimonies. Makes me cry. God is good. He is soo very good. Thank you Angie friend!

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